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Emug Deluxe with a FREE Amino Acid Rich Trace Minerals ($36 value)

$135.00 $84.50
(You save $50.50)

Product Description

This package contains an Emug deluxe and a bottle of Amino Acid Rich Trace Minerals.  Save $50!!



A Truly Amazing Product! Improves hydration with harmonics, structuring, and BioEnergies.

Calming resources for cellular support.

When any substance is placed in or on the Essential Energy eMug (also known as E Mug), the "energy information" is transferred from the Quantum Harmonic BioSupport(R) Technology within the eMug to the water in the new liquid or solid. Bovis levels of 30-40K may be obtained within minutes and the very balancing 90 K within minutes instead of hours. Thecocacola electrons in the substance take on a positive left spin. Their free radical nature is virtually eliminated! The body can more easily process and eliminate chemicals, allergens, or pathogens. "Negative memories" within a liquid substance formerly retained are wiped away within seconds!

Lose Cravings and Lose weight!
My wife Kathy went from 6-7 Cokes a day before I met her to less than one Coke a day, take it or leave it, by placing them inside an energy mug before drinking them. In four days she was down to one Coke a day without withdrawal symptoms or pain. This, with a mug less than a third as powerful as the eMug.

Benefits Of The Essential Energy Mug

  • The acid bite of juices, coffees and teas is nearly eliminated.
  • Overall texture becomes smoother.
  • The addictive nature of substances is reduced.
  • The body is given more natural energy without artificial highs.
  • Candy, sodas, coffees and deserts may be placed in or on the eMug for reduced cravings and blood sugar disruption.
  • Use of the eMug encourages greater consumption of pure water.
  • A recommended natural energy source when fasting!
  • Protects from any environmental chaos within six feet of the eMug
  • Erases the memory of chaotic imprints known to remain in liquids that can cause adverse body response.
  • Helps bring about and maintain an internal balance within the body.
  • Along with a good alkalizing diet, bio available minerals and common sense, the E MUG will become an indispensable tool in your every day living.

Using The Essential Energy Mug

  • Place all liquids and solids in or on the mug before ingesting or applying to the skin.
  • Hot or cold liquids may be placed in the mug.
  • Wait one minute before ingesting.
  • When drinking highly-acidic beverages, such as juice or coffee, time should be doubled.
  • Your emug is dishwasher safe; however, the abrasive nature of dishwasher detergents should be avoided. Hand washing is recommended.
  • X-rays and microwaves have no adverse affect on the emug. Metal detectors have no effect. Safe for all travel!
  • For best results, energize reverse osmosis water when possible.


May be the finest plant based minerals with natural harmonic energies available. 1 drop per glass of water.

Amino Acid Rich Trace Minerals (1 oz) may be the finest plant based minerals with natural harmonic energies available.

These energies are identical to those found under the ocean naturally, and appear to enhance the body's utilization of these full spectrum non metallic minerals.

Just one drop to an 8 oz glass, 9 times per day for maximum hydration and support, or 9 drops in an ounce of pure water therapeutically if needed.

Great topical for cuts as well!

Question: Please explain the addition of toxic trace minerals in your "Trace Mineral" product. I see Lead, Mercury, and Cobalt, to name a few.

Answer: That is a great question. Thanks for asking. The first thing to understand is that Trace Minerals comes from an organic plant-source.

The second thing to know is that mercury, lead, cobalt, gold, silver, and a host of other minerals exist naturally in the soil (in very small quantities - this is important to note).

When a plant puts roots into the soil, it absorbs these minerals into its plant tissue. These minerals are beneficial to the plant (otherwise it would it die). And, since the minerals are in small quantities in the soil, the plant absorbs an even smaller amount into its tissue.

Thus, when you eat lettuce or celery or any other vegetable, you are eating small (or trace) quantities of these minerals, including lead, cobalt, and mercury. But since they're in such small quantities, they just pass through your system and don't do you any harm. The problem with lead and other toxic minerals is when you get them in large quantities.

All the minerals in Amino Acid Rich Trace Minerals come from plants. Thus, since these plants absorbed minute quantities of silver, gold, lead, mercury, etc, Trace Minerals contains trace amounts of these same minerals.

Since it's ok to eat lettuce, which contains trace amounts of these minerals, it's safe to consume Trace Minerals.

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