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EMF Personal Protection & Hydration Pack

(You save $156.20 )


PLEASE NOTE: The Balance Bottle now comes with White Quartz instead of the Amethyst.


The White Quartz still has the same properties and then some.  The Amethyst, became to costly to source.



Use the EP2 Plus Stress Reducing Pendant to protect you from the negative effects and energy drain of all the electronics and EMF's you encounter on a daily basis.  Then you have 2 "SMART" Patches.  Use one on your cell phone and the other on your laptop for the ultimate protection from the Electromagnetic Radiation put off by the two devices that most of use on a regular basis.  Finally you have the Balance Bottle.  Use this to increase the energy and hydration of any filtered water.

As an added bonus get a FREE bottle of pH Plus Liquid Enhancer to get the absolute most out of your water in the Balance Bottle.


This package is perfect for almost anyone.  This covers all your personal basis if you are working from home or at an office.  Not to mention you SAVE over 30% off our already low online prices with this package and you get a FREE bottle of pH Plus on top of those savings.


This package contains: 1 x Balance Bottle, 1 x EP2 Stress Reducing Pendant w/ chain, 2 x "SMART" EMR Patches, and 1 x FREE pH Plus bottle.







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