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Ewater EMF & EMR Protection Mega Pack - Limited Quantity!

$2,140.00 $1,185.60
(You save $954.40)

Product Description

For a limited time get an amazing low price when you combine the essential Ewater items for EMF & EMR protection.  Having this complete package will put your mind at ease when it comes to worrying about all the electronic interference found in your home between your computers, cellphones, wifi, and smart tv's.
This Package Contains:
  • (2) Area Clearing Energized Salt Lamps. Special Quantum Harmonic BioSupport Technology helps clear negative effects of Smart Meters, EMR, EMF, and Chaos from all sources within the home or office.   These salt lamps cover 16 feet in all directions, so 2 should cover most homes. 
  • The BioEnergetic Harmony Cube for Geopathic Stress. The HARMONY CUBE maintains a levorotatory energy field, restoring the balance of the bioenergetic force field in the living cell, which can be adversely affected when emotions and negative geopathic fields are present and unchecked.
  • (4) EP2 Stress Reducing Pendants. Ultimate Cell Phone and Environmental Chaos protection. The Quantum leap in personal, coherent supportive energies.The EP2 technology now uses our Essential Quantum Bio-energy technology adapted for personal protection and cellular coherent energy support. By accessing exceptionally high harmonic frequencies found naturally in our environment and amplifying them, we create a naturally expanded bio-photon activated field of coherence.
  • (4) EMR Cell Phone & Computer Radiation Protection Patchs. Protect yourself from potentially harmful EMR radiation that emits from your cell phone, Blue Tooth earpiece, or Laptop and tablet with the Harmony Health EMR Cell Phone Patch & Computer EMR Blocker using proven German research.
  • Ewater Refrigerator Harmony Egg. The most amazing affordable appliance to prolong produce and food life in the refrigerator, while enhancing life supporting energies within the food. Actually keeps many foods up to five times their normal life in the refrigerator. Many have reported better tasting food as well. 
  • Essential Energy Estick For Home Plumbing.  A powerful source of high vibrational harmonics for an entire water system for the home. Just strap to any 3/4" or larger pipe to energize all the water in the home.Supportive and lasting for many years, the naturally accessed coherent energies are available for showering, laundering, dishwashing, plants, pets, fish and more.

The total retail value of these items is $2140 - BUT YOUR NOT PAYING THAT!!

If you were to buy all of these items on our website with our already low prices would cost $1824 (15% discount off of retail) - BUT YOUR NOT PAYING THAT EITHER!!

Get an additional 35% off our low online prices . . .


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