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Angstrom Minerals

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Recognition of the importance of the minerals required for perfect health is so new, that few textbooks contain much about it. It is now believed that at least 24 elements are essential to living matter (i.e. deficiency symptoms occur when these elements are lacking which are then resolved when proper balance is achieved). Minerals are essential to physical and mental health. They are a basic part of all cells, particularly blood, nerve, muscle, bones, teeth, and soft tissue. Some are essential for functional support such as the electrolyte minerals (sodium, potassium, and chloride), that help regulate the fluid and acid-base balance of our bodies, while other minerals are part of enzymes t

hat catalyze biochemical reactions, aid energy production, metabolism, nerve transmission, muscle contraction, and cell permeability. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are the building blocks of our diet and provide the fuel, or source of energy, to maintain life and promote cell and tissue growth and other biochemical support. Minerals contain no calories or energy in themselves, but assist the body in energy production.

Minerals (or elements), come from the earth, and eventually return to the earth, and can most simply be defined as chemical molecules that cannot be reduced to simpler substances. They exist in their inorganic state in the earth, and in their organic state as the basic constituent of all living matter. The main elements essential to health, each of which makes up more than .01 percent of total body weight, are termed macro-minerals (calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, potassium, sulfur, sodium, magnesium and silicon). The next group of elements, termed micro-minerals or trace minerals, each of which constitute less than .01 percent of total body weight, though found only in minute amounts, are also essential to health (iron, copper, zinc, iodine, cobalt, bromide, boron, manganese, selenium, fluorine, molybdenum, vanadium, arsenic and chromium). Other elements contained in the body include some of the toxic metals (lead, aluminum, cadmium, and mercury).

The human body is made up of minerals and they are angstrom in size and water soluble. The process to make them is a trade secret. We simulate the digestive system when


Cili minerals are in the right form, the right size and water soluble plus about 98% absorbable. They do not require digestion or enzyme activity. making the minerals, therefore the body will absorb them because it sees them as predigested and organic. The minerals are absorbed in the mouth and upper digestive tract. The reason the absorption is so successful is because the particle size is angstrom in size, 1/250,000,000 of an inch. The body uses what is needs and will discard the excess. It takes 1 million angstroms on a horizontal plane to cross the distance of one micron. We tested all the mineral supplements, including minerals labeled as colloidal and found they were all micron or bigger in size. They were not soluble crystalline ionic therefore they would be millions of times too large for proper cell osmosis. The digestive tract will allow a particle as big as a micron to enter the blood stream. Once these particles have entered your blood stream, the only way they can get out of your blood stream is to cell assimilate through osmosis. Because micron size particles are too large to assimilate through a cell, they stay in your blood stream and can be deposited in different locations, which can cause a variety of heavy-metal diseases. When a person consumes water-soluble minerals they will absorb, travel everywhere in the body, and if the body does not need them the body will discharge them with no accumulative effect.