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Home Appliance EMF Bundle - Harmony Cube, Area Clearing eSalt Lamp & Home Haarmonizer

(You save $472.00 )

SAVE OVER 25% With This Bundle!

If you were to purchase each of these separately with our already discounted online prices you would pay . . . $1095


This bundle consists of the Harmony Cube, Area Clearing eSalt Lamp, and the Home Harmonizer.
Harmony Cube is the only whole home protection against Negative Geopathics capable of draining the life out of you, literally. A single cube per floor will provide protection approximately 55’ in all directions. Must be on the floor.
The Area Clearing eSalt Lamp has our technology embedded in the salt crystal, which is what a salt lamp is. The salt crystal has nothing to do with results or benefits. It simply holds the technology, like a giant EP2 Pendant, however wearing it around your neck might require regular chiropractic visits. So, to cover an entire room for most EMR and electrical interference.
The Home Haarmonizer is a virtual must for those having challenges with depression and sluggishness in the home, as it effectively creates a dome around the entire home, supporting and promoting the diminishing effect of man made HAARP frequencies being created and transmitted in the air as well as through the crystalline structure of the earth. Cities are where you will find this challenge most. Very small and very effective. Best if on the floor as well.


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