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On The Go Filtration & Hydration Pack

(You save $38.65 )

This is the perfect pack to stay hydrated while traveling, on the go, or in your own home!  SAVE 20% Off our already low online prices and get FREE pH Plus as well.

Use the Fluoride Reducing Filter pitcher to reduce the harmful chemicals found in tap water and even left in bottled water sometimes.  Then add that water to the Balance Bottle for increased hydration using eWater's proprietary energy enhancement technology.  Add a few drops of pH Plus to kick it all up a level and have ultimate hydration where ever you go!

The package consists of the Fluoride Reducing Filter Pitcher, Balance Bottle, and a FREE pH Plus Liquid Enhancer.


Fluoride Reducing Filter Pitcher

 The Dr. Recommended Fluoride Reducing Filter Pitcher is the most tested effective and economical water filtration product on the market. The advanced technology put forth to develop this successful product represents fifty years of combined research by aerospace scientists, medical researchers, and water purification specialists.

Filters remove or reduce up to 99.99% of the following contaminants found in drinking water:

  • Aesthetic – Offensive tastes, odors, chlorine, silt, sand and sediment
  • Chemical – Industrial and Agricultural contaminants such as PCB’s, THM’s, detergents, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides (DDT), pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Dissolved Solids – Heavy Metals such as Aluminum, Arsenic, Asbestos, Cadmium, Chromium 6, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Zinc and up to 90% of Fluoride
  • Radiological – Radon 222

Other Key Features Include:

  • Retains helpful trace minerals
  • Provides up to 200 gallons of delicious, clean filtered drinking water.
  • Cost effective. Replaces bottled water. Replacement filters are easy to order and install.
  • All materials FDA good grade approved. BPA free



eWater Balance Bottle

Take your filtered water to the next level while on the go!
Save hundreds of dollars per person per year!

Tired of shelling out money for bottled water or water enhancers? Worried about the quality of the water you drink?

Now you can drastically improve your hydration while potentially melting away life’s daily stresses.

eWater’s newest product, The BALANCE BOTTLE for Hydration and Energy Balance, will give you the energy you need as it supercharges the water you consume – perfect for your daily workout routine or for whenever you need to quench your thirst.

The handcrafted glass bottle is infused with our special hydration-enhancing energies. In other words, the BALANCE BOTTLE keeps you more hydrated and naturally energized for longer periods of time.

Here’s what you get with The Balance Bottle:

  • Water tastes better: Because it helps neutralize free radicals while minimizing the negative effects from poisons or their imprints that may still be in the liquid, your water will actually taste better.
  • Improved hydration: Think of the Balance Bottle as a way to supercharge your water, as the energized dome increases hydration at the cellular level. Translation: You’ll stay more hydrated with less water.
  • Convenient size: At 16oz, the Balance Bottles are just the right size for the gym, work at home or when you travel. Take it with you anytime you leave the house!
  • Pair it with any water purifier or filter from eWater!: Our technology uses reverse osmosis to ensure you’re getting the purest water possible. Now add your purified water to your Balance Bottle, and you’ll feel energized while minimizing the negative effects of harmful chemicals.
  • Promotes energy through non-stimulatory means: Concerned you may be consuming too much caffeine? Are you drinking unhealthy energy drinks? The Balance Bottle energizes you the natural way.
  • Improves body and mind: Our special technology amplifies natural calming energies, helping to neutralizing the negative effects like fatigue from geopathic interference, electronics, wiring and radio frequencies and microwaves – even your thoughts!
  • Will last a lifetime: The Balance Bottle is durable and made from glass, while the caps are stainless steel with BPA-free plastic lining, potentially lasting a lifetime.

The eWater BALANCE BOTTLE for Hydration and Energy Balance You’ll never buy water enhancers again!

Water enhancers are all the rage these days, as they’re now a $1 billion-plus per year industry. The challenge is, while they might add some flavor to your water, they’re not necessarily good for your health, as many contain ingredients like sugar, aspartame, sucralose and caffeine.

Furthermore, these enhancers and water catalysts certainly won’t help you at the gym during your Yoga or Pilates classes!

Instead, a single Balance Bottle can pay for itself many times over, as it never has to be replaced (unless broken). This potentially saves you hundreds of dollars per year per person, in addition to its benefits.

And it’s small enough for you to carry with you anywhere, including a travel bag to your next workout.

Don’t waste your time or money on products that won’t help you on a cellular level – the Balance Bottle for Hydration and Energy Balance is a wise lifestyle – and lifetime – choice!

Reduce the effects of negative energies and stresses!

Because the glass insert is infused with our special hydration-enhancing energies, you’re already getting more out of your water with The Balance Bottle – especially when paired with filtered/purified water.

But we took things to the next level.

The Balance Bottle is specially designed so that you can fill the insert with any stones or crystals, as it will not hinder or diminish the main purpose of the bottle. Your bottle comes with amethysts crystals, because they are said to block negative energies and stresses while enhancing motivation.

Amethysts aren’t your thing? Or do you want to insert a different type of crystal? The Balance Bottle’s inserts are removable, allowing you to add any item or crystal you want to enhance your water. Perhaps a flower, picture of a child or family. Anything you choose. You will love the result!


pH Plus Liquid Enhancer

Research shows that most degenerative health conditions respond favorably to better hydration and a healthy internal alkaline environment. pH Plus Liquid Enhancer may be the most affordable, yet powerful, effective and safe way to help your body alkalize & hydrate. It's hydrogen and electron availability makes it great for improved stamina and performance! 


  • Can help restore bone and connective tissue
  • Exceptional hydration capabilities
  • Helps water cluster by lowering surface tension, great for efficient cell absorption. 
  • Improves nutrient utilization through hydration

About ph Plus Liquid Enhancer:

This modified sodium silicate product is a super hydrator (allows water to become 'wetter' for consumption) that provides silica and sodium the body can use to restore bone and connective tissue. Its concentration allows just one or two drops to be used per 8 oz. of pure water or liquid. The two ounce bottle can last 3-4 months, making this one of the most economical alkalizers available. 

If you would like to learn more about the pH Plus Liquid Enhancer, you can read more about it here.


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