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Personal HAARP Protection Pendant with FREE EP2 Stress Reducing Pendant for EMR

$399.00 $299.00
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Product Description


The Haarmony Pendant provides significant protection from potential Haarmful effects of HAARP technology. When combined with the EP2 protection increases up to 99%

Receive a FREE EP2 Stress Reducing Pendant with the Haarmony Pendant for up to 99% personal protection from the negative effects of HAARP

Special pricing when ordering 3 or more!

Fred believes the Haarmony Pendant provides significant personal protection from the potential negative effects of HAARP technology in our environment.

HAARP - Fred Van Liew interview with Kelly Colby

Simply wear the pendant on your body. Either around your neck, women, in your bra or on a bracelet. It is tiny so we do not recommend putting it in your pocket.

This pendant by itself offers 50% to 60% personal protection from the negative effects of HAARP. When combined with the EP2 Stress Reducing Pendant the protection increases up to 99%

What is HAARP?
HAARP stands for The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program facility located near Gakona, Alaska. Constructed in the 1990s, HAARP’s official purpose is to study the effects of the electromagnetic energy in the ionosphere. The way it accomplishes this is to direct 3.6 million megawatts of elec­tricity into a transmitter, pump it out of an antenna array straight up into the iono­sphere, and take readings from satellites. (Officially). The effect seems to be that the iono­sphere gets heated by the beam of energy, similar to the effects of solar flares, on a smaller scale. There are theories that say the military designed HAARP has a more sinister intent. It is claimed that the facility is a weapon being developed to knock out enemy satellite and radio communication by bombarding the atmo­sphere with massive electromagnetic waves. Other theories suggest that the HAARP energy can direct it’s rays anywhere on Earth, causing anything from major weather catastrophes on demand, earthquakes to influencing human behaviour. Still another theory is the ongoing installation of HAARP towers designed to infuse chosen frequencies into the crystalline soil and water supply of specific areas, thereby altering the mood or health of the local population at will.



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  1. It really works 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 9th 2017

    I ended up renting some readers to see where we have a problem in the home and to make sure the products we bought really work. We walked around with the hand held meter for EMR and the readings were nearly zero, couldn't figure out why because we have all kinds of stuff emitting radiation. Then we remembered my husband was wearing his pendant, took it off and the readings were sky high.
    I am buying another one today.
    Thank you so much

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