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Whole Home Replacement Tank

(You save $600.00 )

The eWater Replacement Tank:



The ewater whole home system is designed to run efficiently for 300,000 gallons of water or 5 years. 

When the time comes to change the tank on the whole home system, we have made it exceptionally easy. The pre-built tanks will be customized with the latest eWater technologies as well as the appropriate media mixture for your specific location in order to produce the best possible water. The average family of four in America uses about 280 gallons of indoor water per day. At that rate the unit will last at least three years with virtually no maintenence. Simple prefiltration and post filtration exchanges are all that we be needed.

Allow 5-7 days to build per order as each tank is built from scratch for each individual shipping address. Please contact the office if the installation address is different than the shipping address. Please contact the office with any further questions on your whole home system and speak with one of our water specialist to understand what is best suited for your needs.




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