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Fred Van LIew, known as “The Water Doctor,” is a pioneer in the natural health industry and as a businessman. In 1986, after nearly losing his third child to fluoride poisoning, his personal research into all kinds of water treatment quickly propelled him to become the most reliable expert for health professionals and their patients regarding water and water appliances as they relate to health, internally and externally. Water structure and energy further led Fred to become an expert on the coherent energies needed to support life, particularly harmonic energies. This has led to combining energies, hydration and fermented nourishment to support natural body function in the reversal of nearly all common health issues, particularly symptoms of adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

This is a significant departure from “modern” nutrition. Fred’s formal education was at the University of Hartford, graduating with a double major, including graduate studies in psychology at Clark University. His two years of post-graduate studies were at the Kodaly Institute in Wellesley, MA and Hungary, in Kecskemet and at the Franz Listz Music Academy in Budapest, where he also studied harmonics with Pal Kardos. Fred has taught at two colleges in Worcester & W. Boylston, MA and developed pilot programs in music education that continue to this day before going into business full time years ago. His studies with chiropractic and medical masters such as Karl Parker, DC, M.T.Morter, DC, Victor Frank, DC, Dale Peterson, MD, Paul Yanick, Jr., PHD, ND, MHD, Jim Suiter, DC, Dr. Joel Wallach, Edward Wagner, DC and Robin Hyman, DC have influenced his unique approach to health restoration for over a quarter century. This followed completion of formal undergraduate and graduate studies both in the United States and abroad. He has become the source of the most reliable protection from cell phone EMR/EMF energies, as well as personal protection from environmental chaos. Passion is what people associate with Fred Van Liew. When he does something, it is always with passion.

As the founder™ and developer of Harmony Health products, he provides the vision and the drive for those who wish to combine purpose and passion with people to maximize profit for individuals providing genuine service. As a consultant and speaker, Fred commands up to two thousand dollars an hour, and persistently studies both personal development and health support strategies for himself and others. As a health consultant, he frequently teaches doctors and patients worldwide on the most effective means of supporting, restoring and maximizing natural body immune function. Fred’s business structures have been designed specifically to serve the needs of licensed health professionals, as well as others who wish to pursue consistent results in the health care field.

At 64 years of age, Fred takes no prescription or over the counter drugs. This is a direct result of a common sense approach seeking balance in life. It is his goal to provide others with the opportunity to attain greater lifestyle balance, financial freedom and the resulting health improvement that will allow the successful pursuit of dreams, whatever they may be for each individual or practice. Fred is married to Kathy Van Liew, and they have a total of six children between them, all college graduates in diverse fields. He lives in Carrollton, TX and his businesses are in Carrollton, TX. He credits his membership with John Dealey’s Advisory Council MasterMind group in Dallas, TX with the success he has manifested. He believes a mastermind group is essential for true and lasting success, both personally and in business.