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Amber Shield - 3 Sizes Available

(You save $149.00 )

Today, The NEW AmberShield is the ULTIMATE protection from virtually ALL forms of EMR/EMF radiation, regardless of source, including the very dangerous inescapable 5G! This transforming technology works on virtually all sources of negative energies that adversely affect the body.

Discover the serenity of a worry-free drive with the Amber Shield, your car's ultimate guardian against harmful energies. Imagine transforming your daily commute into a peaceful sanctuary, enveloped in a protective shield that neutralizes chaotic electronic interferences from your car's engine, dashboard gadgets, and even other vehicles on the road. Feel the instant harmony it brings, making each journey an oasis of calm and well-being.

With our groundbreaking Amber Shield, you're not just driving; you're embarking on a holistic journey safeguarded from the invisible enemies of modern technology. Slide it into your car's console or eyeglasses holder and immediately feel the change. Offering a 6-month money-back guarantee, this is more than a purchase; it's an investment in peace of mind. 

Hybrid car radiation concerns: Do you own one?
Electromagnetic Fields are powerful, and they can and do have an immediate effect on nearly all living organisms.

The Amber Shield was developed in 2019 as a way to combat EMF that are surrounding us every day, especially in our cars. The amber shield is a real piece of Amber, not powder, so sizes vary between 50-56 grams.

How the Amber Shield can help you:

  • Protects against over 90% of Electromagnetic Field
  • Empower your body's natural intelligent protection by being within two and a half feet of your AmberShield
  • Powerful Transforming Technology outperforms other forms of protection without fatiguing the body.
  • Protects the heart and brain from radiation
  • Strengthens the bodies natural defenses against radiation
  • Perfect for electric cars that aren't shielded from EMF
  • Proven and tested
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

Still not a believer? Try it for yourself! This affordable Amber Shield will have you feeling better in minutes - money back guaranteed! That's right. You can test it up to six months and if you aren't happy with the product, we'll gladly take it back and give you a full refund. You can never lose! 

Electromagnetic Fields are powerful, and they can and do have an immediate effect on nearly all living organisms.

Electromagnetic Radiation is more subtle, and can deteriorate cell function in living organisms over time.

Hybrid cars produce both, although it appears the EF, or Electromagnetic Fields, are our greatest concern. They are overwhelming to the sensitivities of the human body’s electrical system. They are particularly dangerous when there is heart or brain function compromise, although every person should be concerned.

If you own a Hybrid or electric car, have you experienced negative physiological responses, like heart arrhythmia, headaches, fatigue? Have you noticed changes in your children’s behavior when riding in your hybrid?

Tesla has addressed this challenge from the start, shielding all EF emitting components and wiring, including the metal frame of the car itself. They have done this exceptionally well, and while sitting in a Tesla no discernible compromise to the heart point, the brain points or the body in general could be discerned with high level MRT, or muscle response testing.

On the other hand, virtually all other Hybrid car manufacturers have ignored this EMF overwhelm. Studies have shown drivers of hybrids fall asleep 52 minutes sooner on a long drive than in a non electric or non Hybrid. Neck pain, focus, and vision have been recorded consistently. Observational results, often discarded by the industry, are the staple of my work, because they show how the body is actually reacting, not theoretically.

My purchase of a brand new PriusV, the large wagon version, was a delight after many years of being enamored with the technology in principle, however the car was just too small. After all, I had been driving Mercedes S Class for years. Quite a shift. I had not considered the radiation and electromagnetic fields being generated by its motors and battery system. Shame on me, however I am correcting that error now. A month after getting the PriusV I had a scuba diving accident just south of Cozumel. I literally died, was brought back and fourteen months later am still recovering. After all, I had never died before, so it has been a major learning experience for me, providing huge opportunities to develop techniques and technologies to address the compromised body function, in my case heart, lung, brain kidney and liver. Basically just about function of the body. My heart has been rebuilding, and I am not saying the PriusV had anything to do with my diving accident. However, I was brought to a Toyota dealership by my doctor on a trip to California for treatment so he could demonstrate how even my EP2 Stress Pendant was unable to handle the type of EMF overwhelm, even just sitting in the car while it was running, never mind while in motion generating power. I couldn’t believe it. The entire body went weak in general. Then my heart point showed the heart went into immediate distress. The points for the brain showed the same. This was distressing to say the least, because I actually am quite fond of driving my PriusV, though I thought the honeymoon would be short lived and I would upgrade to an LS or similar. Didn’t happen, so now I was in a conundrum.

What do I do as a satisfied owner of a Hybrid car that is demonstrating severe compromise of my body function as I try to recover over the months following my accident? Get rid of the car? Shield it? Well, I looked into carbon cloth shielding and to do so effectively would cost me $1,200 to $1,500. It would give me theoretically about 50-70% protection. Not my idea of a great return on investment.

Then my head kicked in and as part of what I have done for over nearly two decades, I called my geniuses that helped develop the technologies found in our top personal protection EP2 and other protection. You see, I placed my eSalt lamp, with embedded technology to greatly reduce any form of man made radiation, on the floor behind the drivers seat. I had my wife test me and my body stayed strong, so I thought, I’ve got it! My doctor said to bring it out to California and as I did so, we revisited the Toyota dealership. Yes, it helped, however my heart point and brain were still completely compromised when the Prius was running. Not a good situation.

So, I went to the best mind(s) in this field, and found that embedding a transforming technology, Amber, into of all things, the body could be protected. I tested and found the mass needed to effectively protect even a large body, and was overjoyed to confirm that the heart point and brain stayed strong. I knew then that all organ systems were protected from my lovable beast, the electric hybrid. Securing the Amber, embedding the technology, where to place in the car or on the body. Those had to be resolved, and are now complete. The units are in their final manufacture before release in late January (now available).

Well, do I have to say I am elated. I no longer have to spend $1,200 plus to shield my car. I now have a healthier solution, providing up to 94% protection by making the Electromagnetic Frequencies non harmful to the body or its function, and for less than $350. The testing of the initial prototype proved this out.

The technology is being brought out in the shape of a large, 50-56 gram, Amber Cabochon. Each piece unique as they are real Amber, not powder reconstructed. Mounting on the steering wheel where convenient will provide the optimal protection for the driver, other than putting it on over the neck and letting it hang over the sternum or heart area will protect the entire body, however most importantly the heart and brain.

An alternate area to place the Embedded Amber Cobuchon is on the front side of the arm rest between driver and passenger if practical. Remember, I am trying to find areas that will not get knocked around or knocked off. Set and forget.


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