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New Quanta Mugs

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Fred discusses the brand new Quanta Mugs

Are you one of the 9 out of 10 people who aren’t sleeping well, tired during the day when at your age you know you shouldn’t be, poor or touchy digestion, dark under the eyes in many instances? Have you been puzzled as to why your body isn’t responding to the nutrition you take like it used to respond, or that you don’t heal as quickly these last couple of years, perhaps longer?

There is a reason, and there is a solution.

The reason is electronic overwhelm which is out of control from space satellites, over ten thousand soon to approach thirty thousand with 5G, billions of cell phone, towers, WiFi routers, local and coastal radars, radio stations and SmartMeters. Some are even placing wireless devices in their homes to control appliances and music. All of these are forms of microwaves, or radio frequencies, and these are not friendly to the electrical systems of living organisms, particularly our own.

Our cells are shutting down because they don’t feel safe. They stay in what is called the sympathetic, or shut down mode, until they feel safe, however none of the above is ever shut down. Our cells need protection, and even more importantly because they are already shut down they need to be supported so they can “wake up” and participate in your body functions, be it digestion, thinking, sleeping, etc.

The key is hydration and harmonic energy support.

You may have already heard of our Quanta Water and Harmony Drops, particularly the Quanta Water. Unlike anything else, sipping Quanta Water every 30 minutes for 30 to 45 days will bring cell function to a very high level, even when they are at a very low exhaustion level already, perhaps like yours. You need Quanta Water to get your cells participating again, however once they are up, how do you keep them up?

To keep cell function up you must protect them (EP2 Plus, AmberShield) and you must keep them hydrated and harmonically supported, as our food and water was able to do until a decade ago. Now, everything is affected by electronic overwhelm. No more natural sources of harmonic life support provided by Nature. So, Quanta Water initially and then Quanta Water or Harmony Drops added to all the liquids we drink . . .

. . . or you can drink everything out of your new Quanta Mugs.

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What is your Quanta Mug?

It is the first appliance that has had the original Quanta Water energy technology embedded into the mug so you can produce years of harmonically enhanced and cell supporting water and liquids. Living water again. Now please, you can’t produce Quanta Water with you Quanta Mug, however you can produce the water as it would be with a squirt of Quanta Water in it. What are the benefits you ask?

These are some of the benefits, In addition to keeping cell function supported energetically:

  • Hydration seriously improved
  • Taste enhancement, easier to drink more water
  • Cellular support energetically
  • Neutralizing or reducing free radical activity if present
  • Erasing imprinting of negative energies from poisons once in the liquid

Major financial benefit:

Save hundreds of dollars by not having to purchase water catalysts or enhancers to achieve even some of the above benefits. A single mug, never mind a set for the whole family, will pay for itself many times over, year after year. Never has to be replaced, unless broken.

This is unlike any of the energy mugs we have released before, and they have been incredible, however this is actual Quanta Water Energy. This is the most life supporting energy we can offer, and we now have it in two sizes mugs, 13 ounce and 25 ounce.


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#1 Does the Quanta Mug replace the eMug?
Yes and no.
The eMug helps with appetite control. The Quanta mug does not, which allows a slight increase in energetic support for all cells in the body, enabling cells to do what their perfect intelligence allows them to do what they are programmed to do perfectly.

#2 Does the Quanta Mug do the same thing as the vitalizer?
The Vitalizer produces a non stimulatory work energy, in addition to the harmonic support and hexagonal structuring, maximizing hydration.

#3 Does the Quanta Mug replace harmony drops?
The Vitalizer produces a non stimulatory work energy, in addition to the harmonic support and hexagonal structuring, maximizing hydration.

#4 What should I notice after using the Quanta mug?

  • Improved hydration
  • Improved taste
  • Makes it easier to drink more water
  • Subtle increase in stamina
  • It will help keep cell function up once Quanta Water has been used for 30-45 days to initially get cell function up.