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24oz Quanta Mug - $99 Misprint Special

(You save $181.00 )

$99 for TWO 24oz Misprinted Quanta Mugs!

The printers typo is your gain.  These 24oz mugs were printed with the 34oz Energizer logo.  We can't sell them at full price with this typo.  It is the exact same energies as the regular 24oz mug but just the wrong graphic.


What is your Quanta Mug?

It is the first appliance that has had the original Quanta Water energy technology embedded into the mug so you can produce years of harmonically enhanced and cell supporting water and liquids. Living water again. Now please, you can’t produce Quanta Water with you Quanta Mug, however you can produce the water as it would be with a squirt of Quanta Water in it. What are the benefits you ask?

These are some of the benefits, In addition to keeping cell function supported energetically:

    • Hydration seriously improved
    • Taste enhancement, easier to drink more water
    • Cellular support energetically
    • Neutralizing or reducing free radical activity if present
    • Erasing imprinting of negative energies from poisons once in the liquid

Major financial benefit:

Save hundreds of dollars by not having to purchase water catalysts or enhancers to achieve even some of the above benefits. A single mug, never mind a set for the whole family, will pay for itself many times over, year after year. Never has to be replaced, unless broken.

This is unlike any of the energy mugs we have released before, and they have been incredible, however this is actual Quanta Water Energy. This is the most life supporting energy we can offer, and we now have it in three sizes mugs, 13 ounce , 24 ounce and 34 ounce.


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