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Expert says EMFs pose ‘an imminent multi-existential threat to all people’

Oct 27th 2020

What’s the biggest threat to mankind?

Coronavirus? Artificial intelligence? War? Global warming?

If you ask Dr. Martin Pall, professor emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University, he’ll say that we’re already facing our greatest threat: electromagnetic fields, or EMFs.

“…(N)one of those issues, including some that impacted millions and millions of people – none of those issues were existential threats to our survival – and I think EMF is an imminent multi-existential threat to all people,” Pall said in an exclusive interview with

“We’re talking about neurological and neuro-psychological effects on the body. Reproductive effects,” Pall said. “These threats alone are already so wide-spread that they could easily destroy us quite quickly.”

As defined by the National Cancer Institute, EMFs are invisible areas of energy, also called radiation, that are produced by electricity. Everything from cellphones and microwaves to WiFi routers and computers emit EMFs. Basically, if it’s electronic, it likely produces EMFs.

The effects EMFs have on humans

But there’s disagreement among the scientific community about the potential harmful effects of EMFs. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer says EMFs are “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” while researchers have studied the potential connection between cellphone use and cancer rates. Other studies and reviews suggest EMFs may cause neurological and psychiatric problems and changes in nerve function, which impacts sleep and mood. You can read more about it here.

So, with the impending global development of 5G technology, why isn’t EMF exposure a bigger conversation?

“There’s three reasons for that,” Pall said. “No. 1 is that, up until fairly recently, the type of exposure that affected us only occurred over long time periods – and those kinds of things that develop slowly over time and are cumulative are the hardest for us to be aware of.

“The second reason is because there’s been so much industry propaganda about (the effects of 5G). And the third reason is that the news media has been corrupted by big industry, the sort of corruption that’s never been seen before, by a wealthy, powerful industry.”

Society’s ‘biggest threat’

Pall paints a grim picture when it comes to 5G technology and EMFs.

“There are so many other (problems caused by EMF), like Alzheimer’s disease, that aren’t widely known but, again, pose a major, imminent existential threat to all of society. Then you have cardiac effects, how it potentially changes the DNA of cells, cancer, hormonal effects, life-threatening effects like cardiac arrest.

“I think this is, by far, the biggest threat to society – and the industries behind it have been even more diabolical than other industries that came before it.”

And therein lies the problem. While scientists continue to study the potential harmful effects of EMFs, industry still goes on at a rapidly advancing rate.

“Think about it: the industry already has patents on safer cell phones – the most crucial of these technologies (that produce EMFs),” Pall said. “But these are wealthy, big, powerful organizations. So they know this stuff already, they just don’t want (the public to know that).

“And then you have to think about some things that are said to be ‘unintended’ consequences that are actually intended – some people make the argument that … there’s a powerful desire to have a rapid drop in the human population. Therefore, the effects on things like reproduction, well, maybe those are actually intended consequences that these industries are very much aware of and support.”

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