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Energy Enhancing eCrystal

(You save $9.00 )

Affordable and Practical. Provides the highest level of life enhancing harmonics neccesary to optimized all forms of living organisms, plant, animal, and human.  Maybe used in the refrigerator, liquid containers, the Vitalizer Plus, and water purification appliances.

Powerful, Practical, Safe and Effective! Much more SUPPORTIVE COHERENT ENERGY, allowing living cells to develop self PROTECTION! The Personal Harmonic eCrystal Cell Support has already become HUGELY successful! Helps cells restore their natural resistance to environmental chaos without fatigue, even when worn over an entire day. This differs from the EP2 Stress Pendant in that little protection is provided by the eCrystal technology itself. It promotes the strengthening of the cells natural ability to resist chaos.

The eCrystal can be placed in the refrigerator with velcro, and it also can be placed in a delicates laundry bag for exceptional laundry and will allow the waste water to go into the environment with positive environmental impact using half the detergent.

Velcro discs are provided for attaching your eCrystal to any appliance. When Velcroed to the inside of the refrigerator, all food lasts much longer and the spin is reversed to positive with an energy exceeding 300,000 Bovis in just hours! Most produce today has little to no energy remaining when purchased, and deteriorates rapidly without the harmonic eCrystal.

Place one in the refrigerator and watch food's energy go MANY TIMES HIGHER and the food itself last many days longer before spoiling.

Enhances any liquid or purified water when it is placed near or into. Examples would be the Vitalizer Plus appliance and the Flouride Reducing Filter Pitcher. In both applications hydration is dramatically enhanced while providing exceptional harmonic support for the cells of any living organism.

Excellent results when used in dishwashers and washing machines. Waste water is enhancing rather than depleting to the environment, while improved final rinse results will be observed.
Sick pets, ADD, ADHD family members respond well. (for personal protection the EP2 Stress Pendant is still recommended, however the two should not be worn together. The EP2 must be started slowly, as little as 15 min. per day initially, whereas the eCrystal can be worn all day without fatigue. The difference is the EP2 actually provides almost complete protection from all forms of man made chaos. The eCrystal slowly builds the cells until they can handle the chaos themselves.)

Also turns a hot tub into a stress relieving energy wonder spa. Sanitizers no longer have an adverse effect on your skin or your health. Try it yourself. It is truly amazing for kids and adults.

"Put the ecrystal in my hot tub. and put one by my aquarium. Cant even explain. But wow. Hot tub is crystal clear, and I don't have to use all those chemicals. And don't have to clean aquarium near as often. There aren't words to describe the hot tub. People are amazed at the hot tub and how clear it is. Wonderful.
-Pam S.
The eCrystal only provides protection for the person wearing it, unless the eCrystal is placed directly on a computer or appliance. Its strong effect is extended for about three feet in all directions. Excellent next to the bed or on a bed post while sleeping to prevent dreams from depleting the body's energy resources.

"My watermelon went to 230,000 Bovis in two hours with just an eCrystal placed next to it. UNBELIEVEABLE!" (Must have been a special watermelon!)

"I have stayed fully alert on only three hours sleep with the eCrystal in my pocket all day. FULLY ALERT and PRODUCTIVE with a full schedule!

Six-month money-back guarantee, as on ALL purchases from eWATER Health Emporium.

Saves hundreds of dollars each year simply making water more effective and efficient in the body, as well as the harmonic support for the body it provides through the water


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