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Essential Energy eStick for whole home plumbing


The Essential Energy eStick energizes water and increases hydration levels all over your home or office.


  • Naturally energizes water for drinking, showering, pools, and daily use
  • Helps neutralize the life-diminishing properties found in most tap water
  • Collects natural energies from surroundings and uses that to boost your water
  • Great for your Pool or Spa
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee!

How to Use it:

A powerful source of high vibrational harmonics for an entire water system for the home. Just strap to any 3/4" or larger pipe to energize all the water in the home.

Supportive and lasting for many years, the naturally accessed coherent energies are available for showering, laundering, dishwashing, plants, pets, fish and more. Best if used with a whole home water filtration system like an eWater system, however works well on its own to neutralize the free radical, life diminishing properties now found in most municipal water entering the home.

Over 92% access of the highest vibrational energies in our environment, then amplified and transferred to your water through your water pipe.

May also be used in swimming pool skimmer baskets, cold water line entering your hot water heater, food energizing, and powerful computers.


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