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eWater Revitalizing Shower Filter Replacement Module - 2 Pack

Was: $214.00
Now: $178.00
(You save $60.00 )


Special 2 Pack Pricing - SAVE $60 off of retail!

All New With Quanta Water Technology!

Don't let your shower turn into a gas chamber.  Be sure to change the filter every 12 months!

Shower Module Replacement Instructions

  • Remove the entire filter system from your shower pipe by turning the chrome swivel connector counter clockwise (or to the left).
  • Then remove the shower head by turning the connector counter clockwise (or to the left). Do not remove the filter module while the filter is still attached to the shower pipe, this may cause damage to the filter where it connects to the shower pipe.
  • While holding the upper filter housing firmly, remove the lower filter module by turning it to the left, (or counter clockwise). This module may be disposed of with your trash, as it poses no environmental hazards.
  • Unwrap the new replacement module and remove the yellow pull tab label and the yellow plastic shipping cap from the top end of the module.
  • After making sure that the upper housing O-Ring is still in place, rub a coating of cooking oil on the exposed surface of the O-Ring to ensure a proper seal. Next, install the new lower module by turning it to the right. Tighten firmly by hand; if this lower filter is not tightened firmly it will leak around the seam between the upper filter housing and the module.
  • Re-attach the filter system to your shower pipe by turning the chrome swivel collar clockwise (or to the right). Make sure that the connector washer in the chrome swivel connector is still in place.
  • Before re-attaching the shower head, flush and activate the filter media into a bucket until water runs clear. Then re-attach the shower head and enjoy.

NOTE: The initial surge of water will be discolored due to carbon fines and will soil your shower stall or tub. You may wish to capture the first one or two gallons of water in a bucket or pitcher. This carbonized water is very beneficial for plants and to the environment and can be discarded in a plant bed or down the drain.

For the initial flushing use cold water. Run water until clear and then turn the water off and then back on again. Repeat this on/off flushing until the initial surge of water is completely clear and free from carbon fines.

After the water has turned clear, adjust the temperature to your normal shower setting. Notice that there is a delay in temperature equalization due to the filter media warm up period. Take this equalization period into account when showering, make slight adjustments and wait 30 seconds for temperature change.


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