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Lil Boss PhotoCatalytic Air Purifier



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Throughout the year, air quality is a major contributor to either good health or bad. The choice is now ours inside our home or as we travel. Below is the newest and by far the most exciting addition to the field of PHOTOCATALYTIC AIR PURIFICATION products fortunately now available. They are the only ones I personally have found effective when black mold is present, with all of the other desired features of a well chosen air purifier. The Lil BOSS units are affordable, practical and allow us to purify all the bedrooms and living quarters at an outstanding price.

Why Lil BOSS Photocatalytic Air Purification?

  • Shown to be more effective than ozone alone in breaking down formaldehyde, the most common toxin in homes today. It is in foam mattresses and pillow, drapes, glues, carpeting, furniture and more.
  • Creates hydroxyls and is actually more effective in moisture than in dry areas. This makes it the ONLY smart choice when mold is present. Testing in real world home use shows substantial decrease of spore activity in the air within hours and within three days 85% or better reduction with family traffic in and out of rooms.
  • Safely sanitizes surfaces as well as the air itself. It has the ability to go after the source of off gassing or mold spores rather than waiting for these to pass through a filter itself.
  • Creates balanced passive ionization that causes particles in the air to attract to each other (agglomeration) and drop out of the air, safely away from your lungs. It also sanitizes these same particles of pet dander, dust mite parts and waste, smoke and dust.
  • Offers the first practical, effective solution for almost all home & travel air quality needs. Under 8 inches tall, fits in almost any travel bag with an optional extension chord for mattress sanitizing.
  • Dimensions: 3.5" X 2.5" X 7.5"  110v or 220v available
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee!


Lil BOSS Air Purification is the most powerful and affordable travel & home air purifier solution for musty, moldly, toxic rooms. Outstanding for sanitizing hotel beds and pillows for an exceptional and refreshing sleep, Whether home or away, the Lil BOSS is so versatile, as the included booklet will illustrate. Just 3.5" W X 2.5" D X 7.5" tall, it plugs directly into any 110v outlet. Modules are replaced once per year, with no parts or filters to clean or replace.

Use one Lil BOSS in each bedroom (250 small for most bedrooms, 500 large for master bedrooms), and use the 500 large for travel, especially with the Sanitizer module. The compact size, with an extension chord, makes it versatile with the full power of PCI Photocatalytic Ionizing Air Technology used in units costing two to three times as much. The Lil BOSS base is the same for both modules, as well as the Sanitizing Module, so they may be interchanged as needed. (A BIG BOSS may be desired for larger open areas or multiroom applications)

The Lil BOSS unit produces hydroxyl radicals, which only last for a second but have an instant reaction. Ozone on the other hand has a much longer life but has the problem of requiring too much in the space being treated to be truly effective. That is why “Bigger is not always Better” and proper sizing is important.

When the hydroxyl ion leaves the Lil BOSS air purifier, it will react quickly with what it runs into including moisture (H2O). A reaction occurs, oxidizing (destroying that particle) and for the most part producing new hydroxyl radicals which do the same thing over and over. In other words, a chain reaction begins. The hydroxyls being so small, move throughout the room by the effect of "Brownian motion or movement" while being bumped randomly by larger particles in the air. The Lil BOSS air purifier will treat all the air in the room as long as enough hydroxyls are being produced. Hence the different sized units.

The super oxide negative ions that are also produced by the Lil BOSS air purifier react with positively charged air borne pollutants which magnetically attract and become heavier and drop out of the breathing space.

This Space Age Technology is described in the NASA Press Releases for the Office of Biological and Physical Research, This technology; creation of hydroxyl radicals (photo catalysis) is being used and tested by NASA. The hydroxyl by-product disrupts organic molecules and is thus, deadly to dust mites, chemical gases and many other pathogens.

Hydroxyl Radicals & Super Oxide Ions (Trillions of PAC MEN) are emitted from the Lil BOSS air purifier into the indoor air of your home. They travel throughout, looking for the organic molecules of mold, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, smoke, chemical gases and pet odors to gobble up, so that your lungs will not have to deal with them, thus empowering you to a much healthier life.

**Testing shows that when children get better sleep they have better brain function in and out of school. Behavioral patterns may improve as well.

Outstanding for Air Travel Professionals & Cruise ships!

For Optimal Performance

The get the best air purification the modules need to be replaced every 12 months.  You can find the replacement modules here.


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