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Muscadine Max

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Muscadine Max has up to 28 times more anti-oxidant power as measured by ORAC than any other seed on the market.

MuscadineMax has the highest ORAC score of any muscadine seed tested by Brunswick Labs. Every major muscadine seed product tests well below our pampered seed where chain of custody from vine, to storage and finally encapsulation has been scientifically controlled to maximize the unique benefits of this grape seed with an extra pair of chromosomes.

MuscadineMax is the finest example of Nature providing antioxidant power greater than the isolates and synthetics now so commonly in use today. A daily dose contains over 4000 ORAC in just two 800 mg capsules. 2500 is guaranteed, still higher for less cost than virtually any other whole food source. The naturally occurring resveratrol remains with its natural cofactors, allowing it to be fully utilized by the body. This means up to ten times more utilization than many competing products using isolated resveratrol. A safer, more effective antioxidant food source the body cannot find.

The economy of this product is another strong point for its inclusion in any top of the line health protocol. Research shows that anti- inflammatory, anti-fungal, antioxidant rich compounds are in the muscadine seeds. These seeds have been cultivated from the moment these grapes containing an extra pair of chromosomes are picked. The chain of custody is carefully controlled until the seeds are ground at slow speed and encapsulated. Unique and effective, this process results in the effective support found only in MuscadineMax.

Muscadine Max has up to 28 times more anti-oxidant power as measured by ORAC than other seed on the market, making MuscadineMax the ultimate bargain for anti-oxidant, anti-aging resources.

MuscadineMax has shown exceptional response in individuals using Trinisol's Synbiotic 100% Organic Fermented nourishment for the body instead of synthetic or fractionated whole food supplements. Go to for more information on this topic.


Muscadine Grape Seeds

Muscadine is an all-natural antioxidant grape, rich in natural resveratrol, offering you more natural antioxidants than pomegranates, red wine, green tea, cranberries, red grapes or even blueberries! It even has an extra pair of chromosomes-a truly intelligent grape.

Muscadines are resistant to most insects and diseases that other grapes succumb to. Muscadines increase their phytonutrients the more stressed their growing conditions. They get immune tough the greater the attack. We benefit with increased antioxidant activity.

Unlike other grape seeds, Muscadine seeds have a huge level of Resveratrol in comparison. Unlike every other source of grape seed, MuscadineMax seeds have been nurtured and protected, from vine to you.

2500 ORAC GUARANTEED per Two 800 mg. Capsules at time of Encapsulation. 60 capsules to a bottle.

(These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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