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​3 Amazing Facts About Shower Filters

​3 Amazing Facts About Shower Filters

Feb 2nd 2021

Here’s what a customer said about the eWater shower filters he recently purchased for both of his bathroom showers:

I knew it was going to work – I just didn’t expect to notice anything so quickly,” he said. “I noticed a difference, like, right away – within the first few showers.

Try as they might, there’s no way your municipality or water-provider is going to be able to remove all the harmful contaminants before it reaches your home.

And that’s not good for you – even when you’re taking a shower.

Are you considering buying a shower filter? Here’s three reasons why it’s a great investment.

Fact No. 1: A shower filter can help skin conditions

Do you have acne? Eczema? Does your skin sometimes get so dry that it’s almost scaly?

If you answered “yes,” then it may be time to check your shower – especially if you live somewhere with hard water. Things like chlorine, chloramine, sulfur, bacteria and other contaminants inevitably make their way into your shower water – and that can contribute to a variety of skin conditions. Over time, those contaminants will clog your pores.

That’s because your body moisturizes and protects your skin with sebum, a substance produced by the sebaceous glands. If you clog those pores, then it makes it difficult for the body to get rid of the sebum trapped there without using skin care products.

That’s where the shower filter enters the picture. Removing those elements may help improve your skin.

Fact No. 2: A shower filter can help asthmatics

Do you have trouble breathing when taking a shower? It’s possible that you’re inhaling chlorine, and that can trigger respiratory problems, especially for asthmatics.

Chlorine is used as a disinfectant by water municipalities to get rid of the harmful contaminants in your water. Chlorine, though, creates byproducts when it reacts with natural organic matter in the water, creating harmful chemicals known as THMs. (Chloroform is a common example of THM.)

But here’s where it gets scary: A recent study showed that people absorbed more THMs during a 10-minute hot shower than they did from drinking a liter of water.

So if you’re sensitive to fumes or have respiratory problems, then it may be time to replace your shower head with an eWater shower filter, which significantly reduces chlorine and chloramines, chemicals and metals.

Fact No. 3: A shower filter WON’T prevent baldness, but it WILL make your hair healthier

Odds are pretty good that the water in your home is hard – and that, in turn, is hard on your hair.

Hard water has a relatively high mineral content (limestone, chalk, etc.). Over time, that can lead to dry and frizzy hair – hard water can even discolor it, in some cases.

Here’s what Rex Jimieson, color educator and colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, told Byrdie:

Blonde or light-colored hair is particularly susceptible because it’s more porous and will absorb more of the minerals quite visibly.

Simply put, a shower filter can drastically reduce the number of minerals and harmful contaminants that reach your hair and skin.  Remember though, not all shower filters are created equal.

Will a shower filter eliminate male pattern baldness? No – but any scalp conditions that are exacerbated by the chlorine and other chemicals in your water will improve with a shower filter.

The eWater Revitalizing Shower Filter comes with a six-month money-back guarantee, and its filters last more than twice as long as its competitors. You can learn more about the shower filter here .