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Wednesdays Featured Item - 24 Hours Only!

Posted by Ewater Health Emporium on

imageOur Featured Item!

We are sticking with our featured item, the Deluxe eMug, but this time there is a twist. You can get a FREE Deluxe eMug when you purchase a Refrigerator Harmony Egg. The perfect combo for the Holiday's.

The Refrigerator Harmony Egg is the most amazing affordable appliance to prolong produce and food life in the refrigerator, while enhancing life supporting energies within the food. Actually keeps many foods up to five times their normal life in the refrigerator. Many have reported better tasting food as well.

The perfect item to to have around when you want to preserve those tasty leftovers! Plus the Deluxe eMug will help reduce cravings so you don't overeat those delicious leftovers.


All you have to do is go to click the link below. It will take you directly to the Ewater Refrigerator Harmony Egg page. You must be signed in to qualify for the FREE eMug.


($172 value for only $88!)


The special offers and bonus deals are coming soon for the 10th-13th!!  Be sure you are on the announcement list.


You'll be the first to know. We'll announce them to everyone in the Friday Newsletter but, you'll already now that the specials started at 12:01. Limited quantity items will sell out fast. Keep your eyes peeled!

Sign up for the referral program and make extra holiday cash! Share us on social media and let everyone know about these deals!


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