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Energizing Wellness: Understanding Subtle Energy Technology in EMF/EMR Protection

Jun 14th 2023

Subtle energy technology, an emerging field of scientific exploration, delves into the realm of energies that are believed to permeate and surround all living beings. In this blog post, we will explore the principles behind this technology, specifically focusing on its application in our EMF/EMR Stress Reducing Pendant.

What is Subtle Energy?

Subtle energy is a broad term referring to various hypothetical energies that, while not yet fully measurable by current scientific instrumentation, are believed to exist in the living world 1. It's these energies that our pendant aims to harness and enhance for your wellbeing.

Subtle Energy Technology and Resonance

The idea behind the technology used in the EMF/EMR Stress Reducing Pendant lies in the principle of resonance, a well-documented phenomenon in physics. According to this principle, when two systems vibrate at different frequencies, the system with the lower frequency will increase, while the higher will decrease until they both vibrate at the same frequency 2.

The pendant, therefore, is designed to raise the frequency of our body's biofield, or inherent energy field, promoting wellness and protecting against harmful EMFs.

Interaction of Biofield and EMFs

Our bodies generate electromagnetic fields, often referred to as biofields 3. These fields can interact with external electromagnetic forces, including EMFs. The pendant is believed to introduce specific beneficial frequencies into our biofield, enabling our bodies to more effectively cope with harmful EMF/EMR exposure in our daily lives.

Enhancing Body's Natural Defense

The frequencies introduced by the pendant are believed to work synergistically with the body's natural energies. They not only shield against harmful EMF/EMR but also assist in repairing any damage already caused by such exposure 4.


As we navigate our increasingly digitized world, technologies that protect and enhance our health are invaluable. Subtle energy technology, as demonstrated by the EMF/EMR Stress Reducing Pendant, represents an exciting frontier in wellness tech. And as the science in this field evolves, we eagerly anticipate further research and understanding of these fascinating mechanisms.


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