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Three New Rules For Staying Hydrated

This article comes from Eating Well and sometimes may be a little bit on the lenient side for for optimum health. However, small consistent changes for the better lead to significant improvements over time. Perhaps eating better should be a better name. Either way this article brings to light some new ways to stay hydrated [...]

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Potato Power Recipe

Eating healthy can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Nobody can stay excited about bland low calorie meals that seem to all be a minor variation of the same thing. We love a potato salad, and a beautiful one is even better. We search and try all sorts of recipes to integrate into our focus on being healthy. [...]

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Smoothie of the Week: Firecracker Smoothie! 6/30/16

Firecracker Smoothie:This awesome and ambitious smoothie comes from healthyhappylife.comThe tangy flavors all layered on top of each other taste like a day at the beach. This smoothie combines ripe red frozen raspberries, fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, acai juice, frozen blueberries, banana, coconut and sweet vanilla soy milk. The top white layer is a soft a fluffy [...]

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Newsletter 6/17/16

Click on the picture below to view this week's newsletter. In this week's news letter: We offer a very special deal, from Fred Van Liew himself, that bundles three of our most popular items for one amazing price. Supplies are limited so don't wait to take advantage of this special offer. We also focus on how to deal [...]

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Blueberry Ginger Smoothie

Smoothie of the week!We've been listening and we know everyone wants breakfast smoothies that are kid friendly. "No green colored smoothies, please." Ask and you shall receive. Here is what you need:¼ cup old-fashioned rolled oats½ cup frozen blueberries½ cup plain low-fat yogurt½ cup ice2 tablespoons brown sugar¼ to ½ teaspoon grated fresh gingerPlace the [...]

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Swiss Bliss Smoothie 6/16/2016

Smoothie Of The Week!"Swiss Bliss Smoothie"This week our healthy smoothie features Swiss chard! Why Swiss chard?Recent research has shown that Swiss chard leaves contain at least 13 different polyphenol antioxidants, including kaempferol, the cardioprotective flavonoid that's also found in broccoli, kale, strawberries, and other foods. But alongside of kaempferol, one of the primary flavonoids found [...]

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Newsletter 6/3/16 Mosquitoes and Lead in Portland

Here is the link to this weeks newsletter. We have a delicious smoothie from Jason Mraz, details about lead in the Portland ISD, great news about alternative to DEET bug repellents, and a well handled issue in Corpus Christi that we will continue to keep our eye on. Click here for the newsletter.

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Smoothie of the week 6/3/16

Smoothie of the week is back!This time it comes from Jason Mraz!To make this green smoothie recipe a meal-in-a-glass, musician Mraz adds a tablespoon of coconut oil and some sprouted flax or chia seeds.Here is what you'll need:1 1/4 cups cold unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk 1 ripe avocado1 ripe banana1 sweet apple, such as [...]

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Smoothie of the week 5/19/2016 Cherimoya-Berry Blast

The first thing you may say is "what is a cherimoya?"Cherimoya is a sweet, pulpy, and fragrant rich fruit that is one of the most delicious tropical fruits of Andean valley origin. These greenish-yellow, conical fruits are from the evergreen trees belonging to the family Annonaceae, in the genus of Annona. The plant has been thought [...]

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Taco Lettuce Wraps

Often time people will tune out as soon as they hear ground turkey or lettuce wraps, but this is the recipe to change that trend. Fresh truly is the key to ultimate flavor. In this recipe we have shown canned green chiles simply to save time. At the bottom we also have two ways of [...]

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