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What are trace minerals, and why do I need them?

According to Segen's Medical dictionary, a trace mineral is: "Any of a group of metal ions present in minimal(milligram or microgram) amounts in biological systems, which are required for their optimal activity. Trace mineral enzyme cofactors play critical roles in the organization of molecules, membranes and mitochondria, and include chromium, cobalt, copper, fluorine, iodine, iron, manganese, selenium, silicon, vanadium and zinc. [...]

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​What is the difference between chlorine and chloramine?

Simply put, they are two types of chemicals used for disinfecting water. Two different products used to get the same result. Why should that matter to us? Determining the difference between which of the two or even if both are in your water tells you if your are throwing away money! Filtering your water can be very confusing. There are so [...]

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Flint Michigan Saves A Few Bucks, Poisons Over 100,000 People!

Deep down, the Brown family knew the water that had flowed through the pipes in their home in Flint, Michigan — the water that 3-year-old Dana had been drinking for months before anyone was warned — probably contained toxic lead.This week, they got test results that confirmed their fears.Water Defense, the anti-fracking and safe-water activist [...]

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11 Worst Cities For Air Pollution

The good news: Air has gotten cleaner in recent years. Now the bad: More than half of people in the U.S. still breathe air dirty enough to cause health problems, according to the American Lung Association.Bakersfield, Calif.Population: 807,407Bakersfield and Delano, Calif., residents breathe some of the country’s most polluted air, based on several measures. The [...]

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Drought-stricken Texas Town Forced To Turn Sewer Water Into Drinking Water

From flush to faucet: Drought-stricken Texas town turning sewer water into drinking water Wichita Falls is entering its fourth year in 'exceptional drought'The city's main water source, Lake Arrowhead, is at just 27 per cent capacityResidents are living with extreme water restrictionsCity officials are testing a water recycling program that will see waste water pumped from [...]

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California's Droughts Could Be Leading To Unsafe Drinking Water

California is digging deep to get the drinking water it needs after one of the state's worst droughts on record.The problem is that the groundwater it is using is unsafe for nearly 800,000 residents, according to the state's water resources control board, because of longtime contamination from nitrates and arsenic.That's meant less drinkable water in [...]

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Water Runs Black In Crystal Texas

Dirty water and allegations of dirty officials have wracked a small south Texas town that calls itself "The Spinach Capital of the World."Black, stinky water unexpectedly flowed from faucets in a Crystal City on Wednesday."It looked like black sludge. They were comparing it to oil -- that dark," resident Nora Flores-Guerrero told CNN affiliate KSAT."We [...]

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Cellular Hydration Revisited

By: Fred Van Liew 3/4/2009, updated 12/15/2010Testing for dehydration or hydrationPinch test, appearance; (pinch the skin on the back of the hand. Does it spring back or slowly return to normal. If slow, dehydration is indicated)Water utilization (TBM or BSA test and correction, or use harmonic water catalysts)Water metabolism (TBM or BSA test and correction, [...]

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ACID/ALKALINE WATER IONIZERS: Why they are a no, no,no!!!

Author: Fred Van Liew July 2007, revised Dec. 2010A Number of times over the years these acid alkaline water ionizers keep surfacing with all kinds of claims (and omissions of truth). At the same time I keep explaining what they do and do not do. The Kangen unit is perhaps the most expensive to date, [...]

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