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Cellular Hydration Revisited

Posted by Fred Van LIew on Oct 7th 2015

By: Fred Van Liew 3/4/2009, updated 12/15/2010

Testing for dehydration or hydration

Pinch test, appearance; (pinch the skin on the back of the hand. Does it spring back or slowly return to normal. If slow, dehydration is indicated)

Water utilization (TBM or BSA test and correction, or use harmonic water catalysts)

Water metabolism (TBM or BSA test and correction, or use harmonic water catalysts)

What are your choices?

  1. RO (reverse osmosis) water (preferred, utilizes several filtration methods with membrane technology. Cannot energize or revitalize dead tap water sources by itself. Only reliable removal of medical wastes now found in most waters)
  2. Distilled water (must be used with carbon before and/or after, leaves water dead in structure and without oxygen. Can now be revitalized. See below)
  3. Spring water (Often used by those who want to retain “minerals” found in water. These minerals are dissolved rocks, not the plant minerals used by our body. Unreliable content is always a concern)
  4. Filtered water (Carbon based filters do not remove fluoride, sulfate, nitrates, arsenic, aluminum, dead dirt or metallic minerals, salts, phosphates, detergents, virus or medical wastes.)
  5. Water softener on the house (Exchanges sodium or potassium from sodium or potassium chloride for calcium, iron or lead. Sodium or potassium in this form is not friendly to the body or the environment. These do not remove chemicals and do not filter the water. Must always have a reverse osmosis system at kitchen sink for health reasons. An Ewater shower filter is recommended for showers and baths.)
  6. Whole house filtration.
  • carbon only (See carbon filtration above. The energy and structure of dead incoming water is not enhanced by a carbon filter, however a good deal of protection is provided for showering and bathing.)
  • carbon & water softener (When water is very hard and chlorine and chemicals are present, this combination may be desired. Again, reverse osmosis at the kitchen sink is always a must.)
  • carbon with enhancements (Some whole home systems have energy modules or similar. Some work, some do not. Few are very powerful or complete. If affordable, often more desirable than a carbon only system.)
  • Ewater Whole Home System with three carbons, far infrared, strong magnetics and bio energies. (Activated, catalytic and fluoride reducing carbons are combined to address the multitude of challenges in today’s municipally treated water. Add far infrared, strong magnetics and the new BioEnergies for a replication of Nature’s water before we destroy it. A true delight for all water use in the home, acceptable for drinking water, however reverse osmosis is still recommended for majority of drinking and cooking.)

Solution: Purify, Energize and Revitalize

  1. Vitalizer Plus, with & without the eCrystal (Take any distilled or reverse osmosis water, or spring, and bring the hydration inside the cells from 20-30% up to 65%. Helps erase water memory imprint of removed toxins. Easier to drink and adds outstanding non-stimulatory work energy to the water. When you add an eCrystal between the mineral basket and the inside wall of the pitcher, hydration goes to over 85%. Harmonics provide more cellular coherence support and the water is the most desired for every day drinking of any water tested to date.)
  2. RO plus Acid/Alkaline Ionizers (New and very welcome development, however it still produces oxygen hydroxide and alkali water, dehydrating the cells and throwing the body out of balance. The artificial alkalizing of the fluids provides irritation to the immune system, which temporarily may kick in some healing response. Long term use or consumption in large amounts is absolutely not recommended. The massive clouds of electrons may also be helpful in the short term, however these are not found in nature and excess in anything over time will always lead to disease.
  3. Blessing the water & Food (What can I say, it’s best to pray. Yes, asking God to bless the food and drink does alter the structure and the energy of the food and liquids. Easily tested and confirmed. Should be considered and made a habit)
  4. Water catalysts
  • QuantaWater (The first and still only water catalyst to have 60% nanotesla harmonics. Lowest cost with greatest benefit to cellular hydration, structure and harmonic support for adrenal communication and restoration. 1-2 ounces per gallon for maximum hydration of over 85%.)
  • Perfect Balance (One ounce spray bottle of BioEnergies for clearing stagnant energies in organ systems. One spray in a glass of water brings hydration over 85%, with harmonic access of up to 93% of nanotesla range. Terrific for travel and every day use.)
  • pH Plus Liquid Enhancer (Proven alkalizer and water hydration enhancer. Just drops per glass and pH and hydration with electron enhancement of water keep this at the top of pH enhancement choices.)

Costs to benefit ratio -

pH Plus $25 for at least a month (

QuantaWater under $55 per month (

Reverse Osmosis home unit, less than $30 month over 24 months. Less than $90 after that for yearly maintenance.

Home bottled water delivery for family of four: average $120 per month.

RO/Vitalizer Plus Combo special $899 is less than $45 per month over 24 months (

Ionizer $4000 machine approx. $200 plus a month over 24 months. (Absolutely NOT recommended!) An entire whole home system with an RO, Vitalizer Plus of superior value can be purchased for less than this health compromiser. (

Ewater Whole Home System, with an RO, Vitalizer Plus with eCrystal! (

***Monthly costs are estimates based on CC purchase with average 12-18% interest.

Most units can be purchased at or by calling 800-964-4303 for customer service and sales at Fred Van Liew’s eWater Health Emporium.