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ACID/ALKALINE WATER IONIZERS: Why they are a no, no, no!!!

Posted by Fred Van Liew on Feb 15th 2014

Author: Fred Van Liew July 2007, revised Dec. 2010

A Number of times over the years these acid alkaline water ionizers keep surfacing with all kinds of claims (and omissions of truth). At the same time I keep explaining what they do and do not do.

The Kangen unit is perhaps the most expensive to date, yet has all the inherent negatives of this technology.

Kangen water, in my opinion, is simply a very VERY expensive acid/alkaline unit that uses hydrolysis as its base function after only charcoal is used to filter the water. It is the first truly commercial quality unit.

This science was brought to me many years ago as the Ange unit for about $1600. They wanted me to introduce it across the country. I asked what type of filtration was used. They said carbon. I asked what else? They said only carbon. This technology still has only carbon. You can add all the gimmicks, bells and whistles and marketing money you want, however if it only has carbon with minor variations used, you need to avoid this type of electrolysis technology.

In the USA, most water now contains all kinds of metals, dead dirt conductive minerals and fluoride. It is the fluoride I am most concerned about.

Carbon filters do not take out the fluoride, or sulfates, nitrates, arsenic, aluminum, salts, dead dirt minerals, phosphates, detergents and many biological elements. Electrolysis throws most of the conductive minerals either to the acid side (one of the reasons it is acid) or to the alkaline side.

When they first claimed it was the alkaline nature of the water that caused so much health benefit, I disputed this and said it was the electron activity produced by the electrolysis (though very short lived) and the structuring (though very fragile according to Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, world's expert, now deceased).

The alkaline water is not free of fluoride. They have never produced a single test showing this, even though some unscrupulous sales individuals claim this to be true. Because the water IS more efficient, it carries the fluoride and other "garbage" still in the alkaline water deep into the cellular matrix, like little time bombs. So many people are chronically dehydrated that the immediate improved hydration by structured water provides an immediate benefit, as does the introduction of a load of electrons. Unfortunately in the U.S.A., the body is accumulating the fluoride and other sludge we continue to introduce into our water systems, wells and agriculture when this Ionized water is introduced regularly into the body.

According to Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, the benefits of alkaline Ionized water are primarily in the colon for getting rid of odors and helping elimination. These are both good things, however unlike properly structured or magnetically structured water, he says this water has little direct benefit to the rest of the body. It simply has no lasting structure.

Alkaline water of this type in this country has "junk" minerals and metals making it alkaline. These artificially alkalize the fluids of the body, however may contribute over time to the congestion of the kidneys and lymphatic system. This is not acceptable in today's world of compromised kidney and adrenal function. The production of Oxygen Hydride is also a reason for the alkalinity. It is an irritant and an alkali. The electrolysis process also cooks or explodes the water molecule as well. Dehydration at the most important cellular level can result.

The taste is another consideration. Oxygen gives water its good refreshing taste, hence a running stream's freshness. The minerals and metals give water an after taste that can be nasty in many water systems around the country. Total inconsistency of taste when these machines are used in different locations, which speaks volumes for the game of chance you are playing with your health if these machines are used in most U.S.A. locations.

Corporate recommendations state that this water should not be used on plants or with fish. They will die! Yet it is O.K. for you to consume, and it is recommended by them that you consume this in large quantities. Has the world gone mad?

When you spend $1000, you should be getting much more. If you are being asked to part with $3000 or $4000, you should put that money into a quality whole home system for the benefit of showering, bathing exposure reduction and laundry (clothes will last longer and look so much better), as well as a quality reverse osmosis true purification system or a distiller. Otherwise, spend $3000 restoring the family’s health with quality, fermented nourishment for the body. Use the rest to purchase reverse osmosis, if top of the line, plus an appliance like the Vitalizer Plus, still costing less than $1500 at full combo retail and can be obtained in combination for less than $1,100. The energies, hexagonal structuring and purity far exceed any other water that can be readily and affordably produced in the home. Only the harmonics from exceptional catalysts like QuantaWater, Perfect Balance or an eCrystal can further improve on the quality of the water. Both the Vitalizer Plus and the QuantaWater help erase the negative imprinting left on the water from substances removed while the energies and hydration produce IMMEDIATELY discernible results. Again, these results can be obtained for up to 75% less than acid/alkaline ionizers, without compromise to one’s health.

Both reverse osmosis and distillation need to be energized and revitalized, as does all water (including ionized water, even if it didn't have the fluoride and debris remaining). You can actually assume that most any water today needs to have structure and energy re-introduced after any type of filtration or purification, as most source waters are now well into the negative energy support for the body with little to no structure as well.

The following paragraph was recently added to this paper. I have to recant my statements, as they are not entirely correct, particularly long term. Once again short term results have fooled us, but not natural body function.

More recent updates include the fact that ionizers produce Oxygen Hydroxide, not H2O. This is an alkali that irritates the body or immune system, and may explain why these appliances are classified as medical devices by the Japanese Ministry of Health, not household water filters. The ionized water is used in small amounts instead of chemotherapy to irritate the immune system to try to stimulate a response without the hair loss. The artificial alkalizing of fluids may have a short term benefit, however long term it can have very detrimental effects on the body. For this reason avoid even machine ionized reverse osmosis water.

Even large clouds of electrons are simply not found in Nature, and must be watched carefully when taken over long periods of time. Our body simply was not designed for these artificial excesses.

Roger Bezanis writes in his “pH Madness” book that acids alkalize the body in Nature. Alkaline water does not alkalize the body, but rather artificially creates an alkaline environment externally from the cells through the fluids. This can and will allow a person to feel good while their health does in fact continue to deteriorate.

Recently ionizers have been sold with reverse osmosis. Initially I found this desirable, until reality set in that the oxygen hydroxide was still being produced and the “not” water, as Roger Bezanis calls it, was very much an irritant.

You wouldn’t drink gallons of chemotherapy, would you? Why drink the alkaline water in large amounts? Keep your water under 8 pH, except for use short term.

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