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Arizona resident raves about eWater shower filter: ‘I like products that work’

Feb 1st 2021

Arizona desert

Liliana Cabazos Martin had a problem when she moved to Las Vegas, then, later to Chandler, Ariz. The issue? The water smelled. The problems at her second homes went behind the smell, though. The quality of the water in those residences was poor, and she said the water bothered her eyes and made her hair dry. That’s when she decided she needed an eWater shower filter. “I definitely feel a difference,” she said. “First of all, I’m not smelling my water anymore.... And my eyes don’t bother me. “But really, the part that I notice is that when I (shower) without the filter, my hair feels dry – the filter makes a difference with that. And the smell – there’s no smell anymore.”

Increased hydration means smooth skin and hair

There’s a reason why Liliana noticed a difference.  The eWater shower filter significantly reduces chlorine and chloramines, chemicals, metals, radon and other common water contaminants – just to name a few. And the shower filter itself increases hydration levels in your body’s cells, which makes your skin and hair more smooth.

The competition doesn’t stack up

But Liliana had other choices – you can pick up a shower filter at most national home improvement stores. For her, though, it wasn’t really much of a choice. “I don’t go for cheap or name brands – I like products that work,” she said, “and when I have someone like my doctor recommend a product, well, I trust that my doctor did his research and that he was happy with the shower filter, too. ”So, to her, going with any other brand was never a strong consideration because she trusts eWater. She said she also owns several other eWater water filtration and air purifier products. Just how much does Liliana love her eWater shower filter?“ I bought it for my daughter, too,” she said.