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eWater Plant Project Start

eWater Plant Project Start

Posted by Collin West & Patrick Smith on Oct 3rd 2016

Plant Watering Experiment - Day 1

Today marks day one of our live plant project. What we are running a simple experiment that will monitor the effects of different types of water on plants. We will have daily updates with pictures and or videos that will show the progression of plants with each different type of water. Over a short span of time we hope to show the benefits of purified and purified highly energized water on plants over tap water. This example should easily translate into how the different types of water would affect humans and other living organisms as well.

We start with three different types of plants. The first plant chosen was a 

Bonnie basil plant. We purchased three and put them on our windowsill in the office. Our video below will show the details. The plan is to water them with two ounces of water daily. This may be adjusted as time goes by, but the same quantity will be given to each plant. The second plant group is a common green leafy house plant listed as a tropical. The third group is small flowering plant called a viola. All purchased the same day from the same location and placed in the same environment. The only difference is the water each one is given.

Each group of plants are numbered 1 through 3. The plants with number 1 on them will receive tap water. The plants with a number 2 will receive reverse osmosis water from the eWater RO Unit. The RO water is produced from the same tap water used for group 1. The plants with a number 3 on them will receive water that has been run through the Vitailzer Plus at a 9 minute cycle. The water produced in the Vitalizer Plus will be from the same RO unit used for the water in group 2. The current plan is to water each plant daily with 2 ounces of water. Let the experiment begin.

We will posting on the Blog here as well as our social media pages. Look at the daily posted for the letter, number, or symbol that will combine at the end of the experiment for a huge, limited time, discount coupon code.