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How to Best Hydrate with QuantaWater

Posted by on Feb 8th 2019

QuantaWater Daily Consumption: 3-4 ounces total per day in 30 minute, single tsp. increments.

Purpose: Exceptional hydration, harmonic support of cellular vitality and cellular communication with adrenals.

Use Protocol:

Hydration: Add one or two ounces to each gallon of purified water (reverse osmosis, distilled, or spring water) for all day hydration. Drink one quart per 50 lbs of body weight each day.

To restore maximum cellular communication and resonance (like a tuning fork), sip a tsp. of QuantaWater full strength undiluted, every 30 minutes throughout each day until function is where desired (6-8 weeks on average). Do this in addition to Hydration protocol of one ounce added to every half gallon of purified drinking water. Never allow more than one hour to go between sips for the first 60 days. Please use a timer, either on your phone or otherwise, to allow perfect results.

Never before has the need for cleansing and hydrating the body with water been so vital in maintaining health and vitality in a polluted world. Effective and safe detoxification requires water that has a highly dynamic and oscillatory nature.

QuantaWater harnesses the energy of nature with harmonics that resonate in unison with the body's crystalline structures to energize our cells. Highly coherent, QuantaWater contains life-supporting resonances, the earth's magnetic energies, and has low surface tension with vortex spin motion, and a high Bovis potential.

Mimicking nature's wisdom in water revitalization augments detoxification and nutrient uptake by propelling nutrients deep within the cells of the body. Quantawater works in the sub-molecular realm (where homeopathy has already shown us powerful methodologies to control and regulate biochemical reactions).

You can view and purchase QuantaWater here.

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