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The Concept of the EP2 & EP2 Plus

Posted by on Feb 8th 2019

You can view the product page for this EP2 Pendant here, and visit the improved EP2 Plus here.

The EP2 technology now uses our Essential Quantum Bio-energy technology adapted for personal protection and cellular coherent energy support. By accessing exceptionally high harmonic frequencies found naturally in our environment and amplifying them, we create a naturally expanded bio-photon activated field of coherence. Like darkness meeting light, chaos, when encountering this coherence simply cannot stay chaotic. This provides superb protection from the chaos emanating from computers, cell phones, and electrical wiring. We are even protected from the physiological drain from our negative thoughts. The EP2 is outstanding for energizing food and beverages, as providing abundant support for cellular vitality and adrenal function. Conveniently non polar, it can be placed in your pocked, worn around your neck, or clipped to a piece of clothing. It is a permanent accessory and amplifier of natural coherent energies. It is particularly tuned to deal with the daily stress we encounter while supporting harmony and serenity to the body cells and to the mind. An E technology that goes beyond any we have offered before, at a far more affordable price than less effective competitors.

The Quantum BioEnergy EP2 Stress Pendant has the highest access to date of the coherent nanotesla harmonic frequencies and therefore works well when electronic and Smart Meter interference is present, as well as the new coherent chaos from satellites and cell phone towers. A person's bio photon energy field is immediately enhanced. Any chaos that enters this field is immediately organized. Your body still receives the "message", but without its prior energy depleting chaos nature. The silicone dioxide stone itself has absolutely nothing to do with the effect. Its opalescent surface simply conceals the technology that has been mechanically placed, from a quantum perspective, into the silicone like structure of the stone. The EP2 Pendant is very effective at protecting your body from the potentially negative energy influences of other people, your own thoughts, cell phones, computers, lighting, Smart Meters, EMF and chaos energies in any form. It is the finest personal protection from SMART METER RADIATION. The EP2 Stress Pendant can be used to energize any food or liquid in less than one minute. Longer tmes are always beneficial. Simply place the EP2 Pendant under or near the food or beverage. water

The EP2 Pendant is the Health Practitioner's choice for inclusion with any degenerative disease protocol. The patient should wear the EP2 Pendant throughout the day, although shorter times are recommended initially for seriously compromised adrenal function. In the evening, place it on your night-stand within three feet of any sleeping area. Harmonic water catalysts like either QuantaWater or Harmony Drops should be added to all water consumed for internal harmonic support for cell function.

EP2 Stress Pendant (How it helps)

When your cells are hit with the microwaves (cell phone waves) your cells go from being parasympathetic to sympathetic. Normally the cell will return to its happy state but with the constant attack from negative energy, cell phones, microwaves, etc..the cells stay in the Sympathetic state. The coherence resulting from wearing and EP2 Stress Pendant may prevent a cell from shutting down in the Sympathetic state, while allowing those cells already shut down to feel safe again and go back to their open Parasympathetic state.

How to start if fatigued, or your sleep or your health is compromised.

Wear 1 hour and remove each of the 1st and 2nd day. On the 3rd day increase your time by half an hour and follow this pattern every third day. For example: If you start with 1 hours, then you will wear if for 1 hour on day 1 and 2. On days 3 and 4 you wear it for 1.5 hours. Days 5 and 6 for 2 hours. You continue increasing your time by half an hour every third day until you reach 12 hours. When you reach 10-12 hours you have built up your energetic muscle enough to wear the pendant all day long. Place between you and your computer when not able to wear your EP2 Pendant.