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The Harmony Cube for Your Home

Posted by on Feb 11th 2019

The results of long-term study series conducted on a scientific basis established the existence of so-called Geopathogenic Effects (Earth Rays. Terrestrial Energy Fields) as well as their hazard to the living cell. The Harmony Cube is a crucial and trendsetting step toward biosanitation of potentially adverse Geopathogenic Effects. The specially developed bioenergetic water used in the cube, and now the silicone dioxide beads in conjunction with its sophisticated design creates an effective Energy Field, which helps support and maintain a bio-energetically, well-balanced, electromagnetic interplay of the metabolic processes in the living cell.

Due to the levorotatory Energy Field, the Bioenergetic Harmony Cube can exert an exceptionally positive effect on the electromagnetic interplay in the living cell, which Geopathogenic Energy Fields tend to put in a state of imbalance. In this way, the regeneration process as well as the general well-being can be sensibly enhanced and this process, if necessary, supported by additional measures on the part of the physician. Therefore, our products occupy a special position in the sector of biosanitation. As far as we know, there is no comparable remedial active device on the market today that can display an effect in the field of Living Energy, demonstrate lasting sanitation in humans, animals and plants and generate equally good measuring values (expert opinion).

What influence do these Geopathogenic Effects (in common everyday language also called "Earth Rays") on the living cells? 

Studies and research work in the past decades have shown time and time again that a strong constitution of the human body is closely linked with the proper functioning of the metabolic processes in the living cell. The cellular environment must biochemically and biophysically correspond exactly with the life process so as to guarantee unobjectionable metabolic performance. There exists an energy exchange between the earth and the universe. According to very thorough studies conducted by many researchers (primarily physicians) the disturbance in the live processes is due to the effects of these negative energy fields to the organism. At localities with increased negative energy fields (dextrorotatory), living cells can be greatly influenced and thus form the basis for the development of organic diseases.

All the great effort (such as a sound lifestyle) may fail to show the desired results as long as "Earth Rays", among other things, exert an adverse effect on the energy metabolism night after night because the bed is in an unfavorable, negative or dextrorotatory energy location. The experience accumulated in careful observations and comprehensive studies over years shows that many people who sleep in geopathogenically affected beds complain of a variety of symptoms such as disturbed and broken sleep, cold sweat, headache in the morning (severe migraine), backache, metabolic disorders and a long time to get started in the morning.


This device is able to change dextrorotatory (rightturning) negative Energy Fields into levorotatory (leftturning) positive Energy Fields. It will affect an area of app. 120-150' diameter. The time needed to change the negative Energy Fields is between 15 and 60 Minutes. The Energy Level will be between 8.000 to 10,000 Bio-Angstroem, depending on the original level. IMPORTANT; Changing the Energy Field of your bed location and your house to positive might result in an increase of existing symptoms over a short period of time. For example, if you have backpain, caused by negative Energy Fields, it might increase for some days before its getting better, because your body has to get used to "normal" or positive Energy. To get the optimum results, place the Bioenergetic Harmony Cube in the center of your house, always on the first floor. Never in a bedroom or under chairs, sofas etc. Keep clear of electrical outlets and do not place on TV's, Microwaves or similar electrical or electronic devices. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. As in all health situations, qualified professionals should be consulted.

Dimensions: 5" Cube

What is the difference between the Harmony Cube and the Home Haarmonizer?

The primary difference is the source of the negative energies. The BioEnergetic Harmony Cube deals with naturally occurring negative geopathic energies from underground water streams and primarily the Hartman Grid that is everywhere. The Harmony cube is designed to do an entire 50' radius, 100' diameter, for a home. It works in layman's terms almost like a plasma field of harmonic energy that renders the negative life draining effect of the criss cross of the grids lines (about 32" apart) virtually neutral. Without this appliance, a person could potentially have any part of their body that is consistently over a negative grid deteriorate. Your bed is a prime example, as when a pillow is over a grid you may be prone to headaches. When emotions are thrown into the mix, healing may be virtually stopped in its tracks. If the lungs are over a grid, you might develop lung challenges or worse, hip deterioration, and so it goes. You will also find pets and children appear calmer. The unit belongs on the floor in the middle of the home, generally. An odd observation is that multiple floors may require multiple units.

The Home Haarmonizer is more for HAARP hazards, which are natural man corrupted frequencies now designed to disrupt our immune systems and our moods. The Personal Haarmonizer is particularly designed for those frequencies being radiated through the minerals in the ground. It instantly harmonizes those corrupted frequencies to have much less effect on the body. It has been found that when used with the EP2 technology it is up to 99%, vs. 40% alone. This is why the two are sold and used together, even for the whole home version. The glass container for the Home HAARMONIZER is infused with our eHarmonic technology identical to the EP2 Stress Pendant.

Because these two sources are entirely different, we have not yet found a way to combine them into one unit. It is difficult in today's times to choose which is the priority, as governments are increasing the use of frequency weapons against their own population, including the USA. I would say the Harmony Cube takes priority for healing and protection, the Haarmonizer for protection.