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The Human Body and EMFs

Mar 29th 2021

EMFs and the human body

There is much debate around if and how electromagnetic fields affect the human body.

While many articles focus more on the radiation caused by high level electromagnetic fields, today we are going to take a look at the fields themselves. Also how you, as a human, interact with those fields on a daily basis. Then you can  make up your own mind on whether or not you believe it is affecting you negatively.

Back to Basics

It is normally around middle school when education starts taking a more in-depth look at what makes up the world, Atoms. In short, an atom is just a fuzzy ball of fast moving energy or a charge. As far as we know, energy is invisible and non-solid so how is it even able to interfere with anything?

Enter the electronic field. Every atom has its own field which interacts with other atom fields they come into contact with. There are two main types of interactions, one is for them to coexist, which science refers to as an atomic bond. The other is for them to repel or bounce off the other. When atoms decide to come together they become a “solid” like our bodies. In short, you are one big highly coordinated tangle of electronic fields.

Normally Human Frequency

A normal human frequency is measured at around 1013 -1015 waves per second with an electron voltage of 10-1. Because we are electric fields, we produce our own level of frequency and thermal radiation that contribute to the balance of the world around us. However, EMF frequency waves that we come into contact with from other people, food and the atmosphere around us is capable of changing ours. This is especially true if the waves are a constant in our environment.

How EMFs Interact

The question is how would we know how our electromagnetic waves are interacting with other frequencies? Following a few simple physics rules we can see that there are two main ways frequencies can interact, constructive or destructive, each with their own set of circumstances. Even if the radiation emitted from a low voltage frequencies aren’t harsh enough to cause much damage, the field itself could cause our cells to react, mostly in the form of an immune system response.

If you think about the mass quantity of smart devices that you have in your home, office, or come into contact with on a daily basis, for most, it would make varying levels of EMFs constantly present. This leads to a high probability that if left unshielded your body is feeling the effects.

If you feel you are already feeling the effects of EMFs look here for our solutions. Or if you would like to know more check out our blog on The Best Ways to Decrease EMF Exposure.