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Why you need the EMR Cell Phone and "Smart" Patches

Posted by on Feb 8th 2019

First off, the patches protect from and minimize Electromagnetic Radiation, support and promote the body’s natural defenses, and more brain/body protection than competitors. You can view EMR Cell phone patch here, or view the EMR "Smart" Patch for Smart Meters and Wifi Routers here.

EMR Cell Phone & Computer Patch/EMR "Smart" Patch

Personally selected by Fred Van Liew, "The Water Doctor" as the finest EMR EMF protection currently available. Up to 94% protection, vs. just 60% by the closest alternative he has found to date. Over ten times more protection than cheap stickers and discs, most of which offer only a few percent reduction of actual potential damage to the brain and body.

What happens when you talk on a cell phone?

When you talk on your mobile phone your voice is transmitted from the antenna as radio frequency radiation (RFR) between 800 MHz and 1,990 MHz -- a range equal to the middle of microwave frequency. Exposure to this microwave RFR may have serious health consequences. Every cell phone model sold in the United States has a specific measurement of how much microwave energy from the phone can penetrate the brain. Depending on how close the cell phone antenna is to the head, between 20% and 80% of the radiation emitted by a mobile phone is deposited in the user’s head. This can potentially cause irreversible health challenges to you and your children, as shown by actual research. The image below is the amount of radiation that penetrates the head when using a cellphone. Notice how much more penetration there is the younger the child.

What is Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)?

Electromagnetic fields are invisible electrical and magnetic forces that radiate from anything operating on an electrical current. Any time an electrical current runs through a wire or an appliance, it produces an electromagnetic field (EMF). Electromagnetic fields are found wherever there’s electricity and around any object that has an electric charge. Normally, electric fields and magnetic fields occur together, hence, “electromagnetic fields”. The ePatch Cell Phone EMR Blocker provides a powerful protective shield of neutralizing, balancing and stabilizing energetic signatures, which protects the body from EMR radiation for a minimum of one year.

What does the Harmony Health EMR Patch Cell Phone & Computer EMR Blocker do?

The Harmony Health EMR Cell Phone Patch & Computer EMR Blocker is designed to minimize your exposure to any amount of radiation the brain and the body is exposed to during cell phone or computer use. Studies have shown significant changes in brain activity when using a cell phone. The Harmony Health EMR Patch Cell Phone EMR Blocker helps to minimize this change by promoting and supporting the reduction of the six most damaging frequencies clearly discovered in German research and missed by most cell phone protectors. Further, the EMR Cell Phone & Computer Radiation Protector supports & promotes the natural repair mechanism found in the body of DNA known to be damaged by cell phone radiation. This seventh frequency, again through German research, is unique to this technology. Research has indicated cordless phones have been found to be emitting stronger EMR than cell phones.


Detach the Harmony Health EMR Patch from the Protective backing sheet and apply to the back of any cell phone, laptop screen or on a Blue Tooth earpiece. NOTE: It is recommended that the EMR Patch be applied to the back of your phone when possible, and under any protective case you have chosen to use. The backside of your computer screen is also preferred. One EMR Patch is required for each cell phone, Laptop or Blue Tooth device. When combined with the Personal EP2 Stress Pendant, total personal protection from all forms of man made chaos skyrockets up to 99%. Placing a cell phone case over the EMR Patch is recommended when possible.
Dimensions: 3cm X 2.2cm (about as thick as a piece of paper)

Provides more protection than the previous top of the line eDOT Cell Phone Battery Booster Cell Phone Protector! The Harmony Health EMR Patch should provide protection for up to 18 months.

Perfect for protecting yourself and your family against today's electronic overwhelm, which has gotten completely out of control!

Electronic watches, the biggest and best tablets, WIFI routers, cellphones that are basically computers, and so many more electronic "SMART" devices add to the electronic overwhelm from over 10,000 satellites and billions of cellphones making multiple calls, collectively microwaving our families in our homes 24/7. Formerly you could perhaps live under a rock, today, even that wouldn't help.

Simply place your EMR "SMART" PATCH on the inside wall directly behind the Smart Meter, or directly on any of the "SMART" devices in your home.

We have included some of the more serious consequences of this current reality. Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your family.

Families are becoming very concerned with the Smart Meters now emitting many times the EMR radiation of a cellphone. Added to the EMR from WIFI routers within their homes and the radiation from their computers and tablets they find themselves in electronic overwhelm. While the EMR patch for cellphones, laptops, and tablets offers effective protection from these smaller appliances; we now have an effective solution for the larger, seriously health threatening appliances like Smart Meters, Desktop Computers, & WIFI routers. In addition, families are being persuaded to place high radiation emitting wireless appliances such as Alexa, Echo, or various "SMART" devices in their homes. If a family succumbs to these marketing persuasions, they should place the new EMR "SMART" Patch on each device to protect the ones they love the most from the potential overwhelm that may result.

EMR Patch is perfect for:

  • Protecting from Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Minimizing Electromagnetic Radiation coming from devices
  • Supporting and promotes the body's natural defenses
  • Having more brain/body protection than competitors

Could EMR in your home be effecting your health? Have you experienced:

  • Sleep challenges
  • Headaches / Head pressure
  • Stress overwhelm
  • Memory / Concentration problems
  • Heart problems / palpitations
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Skin Problems
  • Nausea / Digestive problems
  • Low Immunity
  • Pain
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Behavior Problems
  • Reduced Libido
  • Numbness
  • Vertigo

EMR Australia has found sleep improved after simply moving a cordless phone. Headaches were reduced after replacing a wireless phone with a cordless phone. Depression was reduced after moving a bed away from a meter box. Hip pain disappeared with a mobile phone was no longer carried in a pocket.

The above are observations before and after, and while not being strictly scientific, show an obvious correlation to strong Electro-Magnetic Radiation source and body function deterioration, including emotions, that should not be ignored.