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EP2 Plus - Porcelain Jasper Edition

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  •  Stainless Steel Basket Chain
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Your Wearable Solution to Today’s Worries

Do you like our current EP2 Plus pendant but find it difficult to incorporate them into your everyday style?

We’ve got you covered.

The new EP2 Plus - Porcelain Jasper Edition is our latest take on this classic design. The newly styled pendants feature the inherent benefits of natural sodalite and are infused with subtle subatomic EP2 Plus energy frequencies.

Translation: You’ll not only look good, you’ll feel great, too!

Here’s what makes this pendant worthy of the eWater name:

  • Protection and healing: The electromagnetic frequencies released by many of today’s most common devices - cell phones, computers, etc. - can cause your body’s cells to shut down. This can lead to numerous health concerns, slower healing, and more. Infused with subtle subatomic energy frequencies and combined with the sodalite’s rebalancing of energy, you can sidestep these issues while still enjoying your life as normal.
  • Stress reduction: Our thoughts not only create their own frequency, they’re also some of the biggest sources of stress – and negative thoughts have the same negative effect as a wireless router. With the Porcelain Jasper EP2 Plus Pendant, you can reduce those effects on your body and mind by boosting your natural frequencies.
  • No charge needed: Many of today’s popular wearable products designed to help with mental and emotional health require charging or other upkeep. Our natural sodalite pendant never requires either!
  • Big enough to handle today’s toughest jobs: The size of our sodalite pendant is large enough to handle even today’s popular and widespread 5G energies - now used in around 40% of the nation - while being small enough to easily style as you see fit. Measuring in at a slim 5mm - with a length of 50mm and a width of 30 mm - the pendant is great for professional or personal use!
  • A neutral design: Whether you’re buying this pendant for an active teenager, a gym lover, or a health-conscious senior, the casual styling is a perfect fit.
  • Improve the nutrition of food and drinks: Yes, that’s right! Simply place your pendant under or beside your food and beverages for a minute or more to energize your consumables!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee!

Don’t miss out on the big benefits of the EP2 Plus Stress Reducing Pendant - Porcelain Jasper Edition, now featuring the enhanced benefits of Porcelain Jasper. Match these benefits to your personal style or that of someone you love with the new look and feel of the pendant, available now in limited quantities!

A Neutral Look with Natural Benefits
If you’re interested in the potential benefits of our stress reduction pieces but haven’t found a wearable pendant that speaks to your personal taste, then this new e pendant is just what you’re looking for. Made from polished, high-quality, natural porcelain Jasper.  Featuring the same benefits as our other highly-rated EP2 products – and with our six-month, 100% money-back guarantee – we know you’ll love this new take on a natural classic.

Everything You’d Expect from eWater in a Style That Works for You
Just because we’ve revamped the style of our natural sodalite pendant to work for your wardrobe and personal style doesn’t mean we’ve forgone any of the big benefits that people love about our EP2 Plus pendant for. If you’re looking to naturally balance your body’s energies and supercharge your cells, you can find those benefits and more in this newly restyled piece.

The Power Of Natural Porcelain Jasper
Porcelain Jasper has been shown to bring many health benefits to the mind and body. These include:

  • Improves emotional balance
  • Assists with anxiety, including panic attacks
  • Fosters self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Enhances energy naturally
  • Bolsters the immune system
  • Decreases mineral deficiencies
  • Combats electromagnetic smog caused by today’s many daily use devices

All of these properties are present in our new pendant – and you’ll get highly-wearable styling that makes it easy to incorporate into your everyday life.


NOTE: This is a natural stone.  Therefore striations, veins, and colors will vary from pendant to pendant. 

Current Chain Options:


A beautiful, reinforced stainless steel chain with a bail specifically crafted for the EP2 Stress Reducing Pendant.  On a recent trip to Mexico Fred Van Liew found this perfect chain and was able to work with the lady the produced them to have a bail crafted specifically for the EP2.


Total length: 29"

Pendant hangs at: 14.5"






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