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pH Plus Liquid Enhancer

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Research shows that most degenerative health conditions respond favorably to better hydration and a healthy internal alkaline environment. pH Plus Liquid Enhancer may be the most affordable, yet powerful, effective and safe way to help your body alkalize & hydrate. It's hydrogen and electron availability makes it great for improved stamina and performance! 


  • Can help restore bone and connective tissue
  • Exceptional hydration capabilities
  • Helps water cluster by lowering surface tension, great for efficient cell absorption. 
  • Improves nutrient utilization through hydration

About ph Plus Liquid Enhancer:

This modified sodium silicate product is a super hydrator (allows water to become 'wetter' for consumption) that provides silica and sodium the body can use to restore bone and connective tissue. Its concentration allows just one or two drops to be used per 8 oz. of pure water or liquid. The two ounce bottle can last 3-4 months, making this one of the most economical alkalizers available. 

If you would like to learn more about the pH Plus Liquid Enhancer, you can read more about it here.

You can obtain this wonderful 2-4 month bottle of
pH Plus Liquid Enhancer for less than $24.


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