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Sleep Patch - 30 Patches

(You save $29.01 )

The most refreshing feeling you'll have waking up from an amazing nights' sleep could be just one patch away.

We're here to help with this easy product that does all the work in giving back what our bodies need to sleep soundly.

We have used our subtle energy frequencies to provide you with a non-drug, non-transdermal patch to help improve your quality of sleep.

We have combined frequencies to provide a calming effect to calm the mind and prep you for sleep along with frequencies of the jujube fruit which has also been proven to aid in calming an sleep.


How to use:

About forty-five to thirty minutes before bed apply a single patch to your upper left arm below your shoulder. 

In the morning remove and dispose of your patch, then enjoy a great day.

Alternate Placement: Most people find the patch works well on the left shoulder as stated above.  However, if you aren't experiencing anything with the patch you can try this.  Place the patch on the left side of your neck just below the ear.  This has worked very well for those that didn't experience any benefit when placing the patch on their arm.


30 Night Supply



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