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Wireless & Bluetooth Radiation Protection Patch

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We have transitioned over to the SMART EMR Patch  Click here to learn all about it!

  • Protects from Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Minimizes Electromagnetic Radiation coming from devices
  • Supports and promotes the body's natural defenses
  • More brain/body protection than competitors

New Improved EMR Protection for Cellphones, Tablets, Phablets, IPads, Laptops, and any Electronic Screen. CELL PHONES TODAY ARE POWERFUL COMPUTERS AND SHOULD NOT BE ON THE BODY WITHOUT PROTECTION!

Super thin, fits under any cellphone case. (Recommended, not essential)

Protect yourself from potentially harmful EMR radiation that emits from your cell phone, Blue Tooth earpiece, or Laptop and tablet with the Harmony Health EMR Cell Phone Patch & Computer EMR Blocker using proven German research. Read about our EMR Patches here.

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