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The Home Haarmonizer


Fred believes the Haarmonizer provides significant protection from the potential negative effects of HAARP technology in our environment.

HAARP - Fred Van Liew interview with Kelly Colby

The Haarmonizer has a 70 foot radius and offers 40% - 60% protection for the entire home.

Easy to use
Simply place open side down in a central location in your house preferably on tile or stone, wood is also ok, carpet is least desirable.

Pyramid structure.  1" sides and 3/4" tall.
Energized Glass Holder - 2" Cube

What is HAARP?
HAARP stands for The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program facility located near Gakona, Alaska. Constructed in the 1990s, HAARP’s official purpose is to study the effects of the electromagnetic energy in the ionosphere. The way it accomplishes this is to direct 3.6 million megawatts of elec­tricity into a transmitter, pump it out of an antenna array straight up into the iono­sphere, and take readings from satellites. (Officially). The effect seems to be that the iono­sphere gets heated by the beam of energy, similar to the effects of solar flares, on a smaller scale. There are theories that say the military designed HAARP has a more sinister intent. It is claimed that the facility is a weapon being developed to knock out enemy satellite and radio communication by bombarding the atmo­sphere with massive electromagnetic waves. Other theories suggest that the HAARP energy can direct it’s rays anywhere on Earth, causing anything from major weather catastrophes on demand, earthquakes to influencing human behaviour. Still another theory is the ongoing installation of HAARP towers designed to infuse chosen frequencies into the crystalline soil and water supply of specific areas, thereby altering the mood or health of the local population at will.

What is the difference between the Harmony Cube and the Home Haarmonizer?

The primary difference is the source of the negative energies.

The BioEnergetic Harmony Cube deals with naturally occurring negative geopathic energies from underground water streams and primarily the Hartman Grid that is everywhere. The Harmony cube is designed to do an entire 50' radius, 100' diameter, for a home. It works in layman's terms almost like a plasma field of harmonic energy that renders the negative life draining effect of the criss cross of the grids lines (about 32" apart) virtually neutral. Without this appliance, a person could potentially have any part of their body that is consistently over a negative grid deteriorate. Your bed is a prime example, as when a pillow is over a grid you may be prone to headaches. When emotions are thrown into the mix, healing may be virtually stopped in its tracks. If the lungs are over a grid, you might develop lung challenges or worse, hip deterioration, and so it goes. You will also find pets and children appear calmer. The unit belongs on the floor in the middle of the home, generally. An odd observation is that multiple floors may require multiple units.

The Home Haarmonizer is more for HAARP hazards, which are natural man corrupted frequencies now designed to disrupt our immune systems and our moods. The Personal Haarmonizer is particularly designed for those frequencies being radiated through the minerals in the ground. It instantly harmonizes those corrupted frequencies to have much less effect on the body. It has been found that when used with the EP2 technology it is up to 99%, vs. 40% alone. This is why the two are sold and used together, even for the whole home version. The glass container for the Home HAARMONIZER is infused with our eHarmonic technology identical to the EP2 Stress Pendant.

Because these two sources are entirely different, we have not yet found a way to combine them into one unit. It is difficult in today's times to choose which is the priority, as governments are increasing the use of frequency weapons against their own population, including the USA. I would say the Harmony Cube takes priority for healing and protection, the Haarmonizer for protection.


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