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Ultimate Cellular Revitalizing Package

Was: $259.00
Now: $199.00
(You save $152.00 )

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This package contains 16 x 16oz Bottles of Quanta Water and 1 x EMR SMART Patch

Quanta Water is unique in the sheer intensity of its naturally accessed coherent energy, plus its maximum hydration, even as a catalyst added to any purified water. It will bring cell function energetically up approximately 2% per day when sipped undiluted every 30 minutes while awake. Must use any timer or failure will result. A little squirt, half teaspoon, is all that is required. Half a bottle a day will be consumed. 

In 30 days you and each of your family members will go from lack of focus, fatigue, poor sleep and inability to utilize good nutrition to bright eyes, sharp mental faculty and focus and most importantly great sleep consistently, without drugs or so called sleep formulas. I can guaranty this if you follow the sipping instructions for just 30 days.

EMR "Smart" Patch benefits:

  • Protecting from Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Minimizing Electromagnetic Radiation coming from devices
  • Supporting and promotes the body's natural defenses
  • Having more brain/body protection than competitors
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
  • EMR Protection for 18 Months

Personally selected by Fred Van Liew, "The Water Doctor" as the finest protection currently available. Over ten times more protection than cheap stickers and discs, most of which offer only a few percent reduction of actual potential damage to the brain and body.


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