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The Human Body and EMFs

Mar 29th 2021

EMFs and the human bodyThere is much debate around if and how electromagnetic fields affect the human body. While many articles focus more on the radiation caused by high level electromagnetic fields, … read more

4 Ways To Decrease Your EMF Exposure

Mar 26th 2021

The 4 Best Ways to Decrease Your EMF Exposure and Improve Overall Health In recent years the public as a whole has become more centered on health and wellness related issues. A topic that has bec … read more

Finding Your Cities Water Quality Report - Part 1

Posted by eWater Health Emporium on Mar 21st 2021

More than 85 percent of Americans’ water is delivered through public municipalities. While this may make things very convenient, it can also give people a false sense of security.  Just bec … read more
Know Your Chemicals: Chloramines

Know Your Chemicals: Chloramines

Feb 4th 2021

It is essential to know and understand the type of pollutants, chemicals, and biologicals found in everyday tap water. Identification is the first step in making it safer for drinking, bathing, … read more