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Obvious Inaction

Over the last few weeks we have been covering multiple stories about problems with water quality in specific area as well as failures in our water infrastructure. This problem is not new and unfortunately has no longer become important news. It has become such an accepted situation that inaction in our local and national government [...]

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Plant Project Day 9

Plant project starts to really show results. Yesterday we mentioned how the plants were absorbing the water at different rates. The violas are showing the greatest difference at the moment. Tomorrow we take a good close look before the weekend and shoot a video update. Stay tuned.

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Plant Project Day 7

The plants were very happy to receive water yesterday after the long weekend. Although there is not a drastic difference, we are starting to see some changes in growth. Keep up to see what happens and also what new experiments we test out. Pat has the special character at the end of the video.

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Plant Project Day 8

The plant project moves on and progress is still made. The 2oz of water seems to be plenty for the violas, fair amount for the tropicals, and maybe not enough for the basil. The basil is really soaking up the water so it will be interesting to see what happens over the upcoming weekend when [...]

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Plant Project Day 6

Plant Project Day 6We have no video today, but it is Monday 10/10/2016.We have come back from the weekend where the three types of plants have not received water for around 72 hours. Each plant begins it's 2oz. of variable water per day for the next five days. We will continue to monitor progress on [...]

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Plant Project Day 5

Plant Project Day 5The project going into the weekend:Since this is Friday, we will not be watering any of the plants over the weekend. We will continue with the 2oz. of water Monday - Friday and monitor how the plants keep doing. Next week will be the first full week of all the plants receiving [...]

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Plant Project Day 4

Plant Project Day 4Today is the first day the all three sets of plants are actually getting water. For the next two weeks we will be supplying each plant with 2oz. of water Monday through Friday. We will not water them over the weekend and see what they look like on Monday. We have also [...]

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Plant Project Day 3

Plant Project Day 3Our third day begins on the eWater plant project and the soil is still pretty moist. We continue with 2oz. of water for the tropical plants, but halt the start on the basil and violas for one more day. Pat was sneaky and hid the next letter for the discount code in [...]

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Plant Project Day 2

Plant Experiment Day 2Our plant experiment progresses on, but we still have a small snag. The basil and the violas are still really saturated so we actually only begin with tropical house plant watering today. The first letter of the discount code is revealed and the white board is updated. Daily updates will run Monday [...]

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eWater Plant Project Start

Plant Watering Experiment - Day 1 Today marks day one of our live plant project. What we are running a simple experiment that will monitor the effects of different types of water on plants. We will have daily updates with pictures and or videos that will show the progression of plants with each different type of [...]

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