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Newsletter 9/26/2016

Over the last two weeks there has been a lot of activity. The bombing in New York, gas shortage in southeastern states due to a pipeline leak, riots in Dallas and North Carolina, and a lot of violence. All very important news, along with the upcoming presidential debate, received a serious amount of media attention. [...]

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Florida Can't Get It Right!

Here is an awesome article excerpt that must be read. It comes from Extreme Tech and highlights not so much the problem that occurred, but the way it was handle. It reads more like a Fargo episode and unfortunately in Florida, as of late, seems to be par for the course.Last month, a 300-foot deep [...]

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Smoothie of the week: Beauty Booster Smoothie

This awesome smoothie comes from Healthfully Ever After. "I wanted to keep this smoothie realistic. It is a very specific shade of olive green. It's not pretty. But it's real. Some smoothies that are touted as healthy have to do a lot of covering color with lots of extra fruit and berries and sugar for taste. [...]

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Chromium 6 in our water

A recent study has found that two thirds of Americans are being exposed to high levels of a carcinogen known as chromium 6. This particular chemical made the headlines in 2000 when it stared alongside Julia Roberts in the movie "Erin Brokovich." Chromium is a naturally occurring element found in rocks, animals, plants, soil and volcanic [...]

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Newsletter 9/12/16

Stay informed! Click here to see our newsletter. Find out what is going in the world of water, get smoothie recipes, upcoming seminar and show info, and get limited time and availability offers. Sign up to receive the newsletter below, if you aren't already on the list.

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Florida Sets A Standard We Should All Be Concerned About.

Florida raises allowable limits of cancer-causing chemicals in drinking water ahead of fracking boomThursday, August 04, 2016 by: Daniel BarkerOn Tuesday, July 26, Florida's Environmental Regulation Commission voted 3-2 in favor of passing controversial new water quality standards that will raise the maximum allowable levels of more than two dozen cancer-causing chemicals to be dumped [...]

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Green Energy Smoothie!

This green smoothie is well-known as a got-to energy booster, for some very good reasons!Coconut water and bananas contain high amounts of potassium to help regulate and maintain healthy cells and their natural production of energy. Together with a nutrient-packed dose of greens gives your body exactly what it needs to persist through that 3pm [...]

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Smoothie of the week 9/1/16: Is it too early for pumpkin?

Is it too early for pumpkin? We think not! This delectable, healthful smoothie is packed with vitamin A, potassium and fiber. Top each serving with some ground flax seeds or a pinch of nutmeg if you like.Here is what you'll need: 1 cup pumpkin purée1 large ripe banana1 cup unsweetened soymilk or coconut milk beverage1 tablespoon honey1/2 teaspoon pure [...]

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Healthy Hump Day Recipe 8.31.16

Spaghetti With Wilted Greens and Walnut-Parsley PestoThis meal of Spaghetti With Wilted Greens and Walnut-Parsley Pesto makes for excellent post-workout fuel--thanks to a great mix of whole grains and protein. Added bonus from this one-dish meal: You get plenty of antioxidants from the veggies, herbs, and walnuts.It serves 6 and takes less than a half [...]

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Here is the newsletter for 8/26/16

School is in full swing and schedules have been adjusted. With Labor Day a week away, it may be time to fill in the gaps and cover the little things you may have forgotten. NEWSLTTER

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