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The Harmony Cube for Your Home

Posted by on Feb 11th 2019

The results of long-term study series conducted on a scientific basis established the existence of so-called Geopathogenic Effects (Earth Rays. Terrestrial Energy Fields) as well as their hazard to … read more

The Tale Behind Developing the Amber Shield

Posted by Fred Van Liew, Founder, eWater Health Emporium on Feb 11th 2019

Hybrid car radiation concerns: Do you own one? View our Amber Shield in-store here.Electromagnetic Fields are powerful, and they can and do have an immediate effect on nearly all living organisms … read more

The Concept of the EP2 & EP2 Plus

Posted by on Feb 8th 2019

You can view the product page for this EP2 Pendant here, and visit the improved EP2 Plus here.The EP2 technology now uses our Essential Quantum Bio-energy technology adapted for personal … read more

We Recommend the pH Plus Liquid Enhancer

Posted by on Feb 8th 2019

Research is showing that most degenerative health conditions respond favorably to better hydration and a healthy internal alkaline environment. Joint pains, bone loss, headaches, lack of energy … read more

How to Best Hydrate with QuantaWater

Posted by on Feb 8th 2019

QuantaWater Daily Consumption: 3-4 ounces total per day in 30 minute, single tsp. increments.Purpose: Exceptional hydration, harmonic support of cellular vitality and cellular communication with adr … read more