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Energizing Glass Bowl - 6in

(You save $30.00 )

Although electromagnetic overwhelm has been a challenge for many years now, the extreme overwhelm we are subjected to presently is shutting down cell function and participation like never before.

Now the primary cause of poor sleep and daily fatigue, it also affects all plants and animals. Water structure and energy is obliterated. Where are we to get the very energy with which God has designed our bodies to function?

Our Quanta Mugs are essential today. Bringing back cell function uniquely with Quanta Water, and then maintaining it with your Quanta Mugs is no longer optional. However we must look at the reality that virtually all our food is zero to negative energy today. This is what we are feeding our children!

Your answer is in the new Quanta Energy Plates and Glasses. Now affordably priced and backed by our "Oops" guarantee, your one time purchase guarantees that the foods and liquids you and your family are eating will always bring life supporting harmonic energy to the body. These are the very same energies captured from nature, amplified and locked into your foods and liquids.

Place food directly in bowl, to fully energize to 255k BioAngstroms of coherent life supporting energy now missing in our food and liquids. 

For years I have been asked if I would bring out dinnerware like plates and glasses. It just wasn’t practical in the past. Now, we can launch our glass energized dinnerware to bring life back to our dead food and virtually anything placed on the plates. We even include this new Energizing Dinnerware in our “Oops!” Guaranty program. Should you break a plate or glass you can replace that broken item for just $25% of its full retail, plus s&h. Must have picture of broken item, please.

This is the same Quanta Energy found in Quanta Water and Quanta Mugs, now in very practical dinnerware. You have asked and we are now proud to fulfill your wishes. Enjoy realizing the many benefits of food and topical products energized in your plates, as well as knowing the juices and waters your children drink from the 13 oz glasses.


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