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Harmony Drops

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This harmonic water catalyst uses a proprietary process to infuse pure harmonic energy patterns into trace minerals. You should use Harmony Drops to:

  • Provide support for compromised cell function
  • Relieve stress in the body
  • Muscle tension or hypertension
  • Alleviate stiffness or imbalances in body meridians
  • Improve feelings of calmness, peace, and clarity of mind
  • Increase hydration
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

How and when to use:

Harmony Drops have the unique ability to clear stagnant energies in the body, particularly in the organ systems, when one or two drops are placed on the skin or on the tongue once or twice per day after the initial clearing period where they are used every one or two hours until cell function is over eighty percent. This may take 30-90 days for some people. It is recommended that QuantaWater Catalyst be used full strength by sipping every 30-60 minutes during waking hours the first 60-90 day period, while Harmony Drops be used as the catalyst in the water used for hydration all day. Ultimately very economical, much needed, and uniquely effective in supporting the body while maximizing hydration.

In today's electronic overwhelm and the nutritional and harmonic bankruptcy found in our food, even in most organic food, it is important to stay hydrated with pure water that has had Harmony Drops added. Not only does hydration increase up to four fold, the vibrations, known as harmonics, provide the cells with energetic resources to counter the negative man made energetic frequencies that cause them to shut down.

Cells that are shut down or compromised do not participate efficiently in their designated function, and this can contribute to poor sleep, fatigue, poor digestion, muddled thinking and it can slow healing mechanisms. When added to a good common sense diet, as well as DNA repair support and non radiated probiotics, the support for the body's health mechanisms may dramatically improve. In a relatively short period of time, sleep quality improves, stamina may increase and an overall increase in mental alertness can be observed.

Harmony Drops are just one, though now quite preferred by "The Water Doctor" Fred Van Liew, of the family of harmonic hydration water catalysts and appliances. These include Perfect Balance, QuantaWater, Harmony Drops and the Vitalizer Plus. Also in this category would be all eMugs. For the entire home, the Harmony Wand, Whole Home Quantumizer, and the eWater Whole Home Filter are also recommended offerings.


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