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Microwave Oven Harmony Bricks (Set of 2)

(You save $29.00 )

Now you can microwave your food and limit or eliminate the usual destruction, agglomeration and free radical activity that affects the blood almost immediately. This unique appliance is needed in every home with a microwave.

Bricks last for years with no compromise in performance.

Microwave Ovens have created some of the most intense negative energies destructive to living organisms. They function by agitating sugars, water and oils in foods with negative electron spin. These structures hold these health compromising negative energies, which then enter our bloodstream, corrupting the environment around the blood cells and the blood cells themselves. The significant free radical damage should be avoided or neutralized. Those who care about their health and know these truths have stopped using microwave ovens altogether.

Microwaved foods elevate both cholesterol and physical stress factors while they also decrease white blood cell counts and cause anemia. Microwaving forces atoms reverse polarity at a super high rate creating violent friction to heat up food molecules. This process deforms, impairs and tears molecules apart and forms dangerous radiolytic compounds that harm the body in many ways. Microwave radiation destroys and deforms food nutrients and actually changes the blood chemistry. Microwaving human breast milk destroys lysozyme activity, reduces key antibodies, promotes dangerous bacteria and loses a full 96% of all immunoglobulin-A antibodies, which fight invading microbes. Besides all of this, aging oven seals cause radiation leaks that damage human cells and tissues. BTW, the TSA now uses microwave technology to scan you…

Unfortunately, most people today still use their microwave ovens every day, compromising the bodies of those they love most. Convenience has overtaken good sense. For these people, we now have the Harmony Bricks, small and unobtrusive for use in your microwave. They minimize any negative energies retained in the food or liquids heated in a microwave.

Place two bricks in each of the back corners of your microwave oven. Popcorn, leftovers, and hot beverages can now be heated with minimal retention of the damaging negative energies, even structural DNA damage appears to be minimized.

Basic muscle response testing consistently confirms the difference foods have on the body microwaved with and without the HARMONY BRICKS. Pictures of microscopic amplification of the blood exposed to microwaved food or liquids with and without the HARMONY BRICKS shows a distinct difference.

Now the ultimate and only protection for users of microwave ovens is finally available. For maximum affordable protection, two HARMONY BRICKS are recommended, one for each back corner.

These come with, of course, the Health Emporium Six Month Money Back Guaranty. Your assurance of performance and results as promised.


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