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Ewater Refrigerator Harmony Egg


The Harmony Health Refrigerator Egg for prolonging food life in the refrigerator while enhancing life supporting energies. How much food and money are you throwing away each week?

Stronger and more effective than ever! Now there is a way to keep your meats, vegetables, fruits, poultries, fish and breads fresher for weeks longer. eWater's Refrigerator Harmony Egg is a revolutionary breakthrough in food preservation that keeps foods fresher longer. Just place one in your fridge and one in your pantry and forget it. One Refrigerator Harmony Egg will last Many Years with no maintenance required.


  • Helps keep food fresher up to 5x longer
  • Reduces and slows the oxidation process helping food to retain moisture
  • Natural, non-toxic and environmentally safe for all foods and organics
  • Increases shelf life of foods inside fridge or pantry
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

How to Use:

Place centrally in your standard sized refrigerator and another in your pantry. It will help your protect nearly all your foods and will increase the shelf life of your foods.

Laboratory Tested, Scientifically Proven

Anthony R. Febbraro, - President – Microbica Laboratory Partners, Inc.
“Results of seven food products demonstrated that Refrigerator Harmony Egg (RHE) exposed foods had an extended shelf life over non RHE foods of at least 4 days for organoleptic parameters including: texture, odor and/or visible mold growth during this study. RHE exposed foods in this study had an extended shelf life of from 111% to 200% over non RHE exposed foods from the date of purchase.”

Dr. Daniel Y.C. Fung, MSPH, PHD – Professor of Food Science and Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University
Dr. Fung has won international recognition by his peers and is considered as one of the world’s leading Applied Food Microbiologists and Food Science Consultants.
“I believe the Refrigerator Harmony Egg has shown to be an excellent noninvasive and safe method to prolong shelf life and retain moisture and freshness of many food products and commodities as well as inhibit or kill spoilage and potential microbial pathogens in the general food supply.”

Dr. Shyam S. Mohapatra – Transgenex Nanotech, Inc.
This is a summary of several studies completed by Transgenex Nanotech, Inc. an independent laboratory, on the Refrigerator Harmony Egg product. Study included dairy, breads, vegetables, fruits and meats.
“The food products used had less spoilage and prolonged shelf life when exposed to the Refrigerator Harmony Egg in both the refrigerator and pantry. Bacteria exposed to the Refrigerator Harmony Egg showed a trend in which there was a 33.5% reduction in logarithmic growth rate.”


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