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Harmony Health 34oz ENERGIZER Quanta Mug

(You save $40.00 )


Poor sleep, lack of energy during the day and slow healing are all symptoms of poor cell function energetically. The #1 cause of poor cell function today is electromagnetic overwhelm, made even more dramatic with the introduction of 5G.

Restoring and Keeping cell function supported energetically is mandatory today for proper digestion, healthy bone marrow, and virtually all body function. Maximized hydration is foundational for healthy living.

Out of necessity our new Quanta Energy Mugs are ten times more powerful than our previous energy mugs. We have our 13 oz, our 25 oz, and now our NEW 35 oz ENERGIZER Quanta Mug.

Liquids placed into our 13 oz and 25 oz Quanta Mugs energize to 255,000 BioAngstroms in just two minutes. Several if a bottle or container is placed in these mugs. 30-60 minutes for larger containers placed on the mugs.

The NEW Harmony Health ENERGIZER Quanta Mug takes energizing liquids to 255,000 BioAngstroms of Cell Supporting energies in just 20 seconds. A bottle or container of liquid/shake in just 60 seconds. A larger container placed on the NEW ENERGIZER in 6-20 minutes depending on size of container.

The ultimate appliance to bring cell supporting life back to virtually any dead food, fruit, vegetable, or liquid, hot or cold, raw or cooked. And today virtually all of them are dead or negative energy unless revitalized with one of our mugs.

Taste and feel the difference. 6 Month Money Back Guaranty if for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your choice. You will love the result for you and any family members.


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