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22 Oz Quanta Energizing Cup

(You save $30.00 )

22oz Quanta Energizing Cup


For a robust cup of coffee or tea, in a large 22oz Cup, the NEW Quanta Energy Cup fills this requested need. It is perfect for soups, as well as pasta and other foods. Lovely for desserts and cereals. Instead of placing dead, even negative energy foods into our family’s bodies, we now can rapidly energize everything placed in your NEW Quanta Energy Cup. 

This same proven Quanta Energy Technology helps sustain and maintain optimal cellular energetic function that is regularly being hammered by massive electromagnetic overwhelm now found everywhere. 
Your NEW Quanta Energy Mug is yet another essential tool to fight back against this new silent killer, electromagnetic microwave, now everywhere in excess. 
 a bonus, everything appears to taste better as well, with all the benefits of our Quanta Energy Technology embedded in this exquisitely crafted 22 oz Italian cup. 
Yes, our new Energizing Dinnerware comes with our 6 month money back guarantee and our “Oops!” Replacement guarantee*
*Replace broken item for 25% of full retail price, plus s&h.


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