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Personalized Quanta Pet Bowl

(You save $56.00 )

Expected release date is Sep 7th 2023

It is the first appliance for pets that has the original Quanta Water energy technology, currently also embedded into our Quanta Energy Mug, so you can produce years of harmonically enhanced and cell supporting water and liquids for your pets. Living water again, helping them overcome the debilitating effects of electromagnetic overwhelm shutting down cell function energetically, affecting all living things. What are the benefits you ask?

These are some of the benefits, In addition to keeping your pet’s cell function supported energetically:

  • Hydration maximized through structure and energy
  • Taste enhancement, encouraging greater consumption
  • Cellular support energetically, potentially improving all body function
  • Neutralizing or reducing free radical activity if present
  • Erasing imprinting of negative energies from poisons and toxins previously in the liquid
  • Enhanced utilization of nutrition leading to better immune support and function

For years of Living Quanta Water for your pets, take any filtered or purified water and place in your pet’s personalized Quanta Energy Dish. Designed to fit in many dish holders found in pet supply stores. This glass bowl is very sturdy. We have it in the larger and smaller sizes. The larger one is better for small to medium size dogs. The smaller for cats or smaller dogs.

If dropped, even if several times, usually no cracks or breaks! Should it ever break, you have our “Oops!” Replacement guaranty. Just 25% of full retail plus shipping. Our "Co-insurance” to keep you in the best technology for your pets!


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