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Area Clearing Energized Salt Lamp (Up to 12ft Radius)

(You save $29.00 )

NEW MORE CONVENIENT SIZE! Only half the size and weight but still up to 12ft. of PROTECTION!

Our Special Quantum Harmonic BioSupport Technology that is permanently embedded into these Salt Lamps helps clear negative effects of Smart Meters, EMR, EMF, and chaos from all sources within the home or office.

Benefits include:

  • Significantly reduces the effects of smart meters, EMR, EMF and other chaos
  • Re-ionizes air in multiple rooms up to 16 feet
  • Accesses and amplifies natural calming energies to neutralize negative effects
  • Fights against geopathic interference, electronics, wiring, radio waves
  • Improves mood and declutters the mind
  • One lamp can re-ionize both upper and lower floors
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

The use of the unique crystal structure of Himalayan salt lamps provides the most outstanding benefits realized to date.

The ability of the Himalayan Salt Lamp as a crystal structure to hold our Quantum Harmonic BioSupport Technology is outstanding. In addition to what a Salt Lamp is already known to accomplish, particularly re-ionization of air, the field of energy extends to sixteen feet. Think of a giant EP2 Stress Pendant, with emphasis on accessing and amplifying natural calming energies to neutralize negative effects from geopathic interference, electronics, thoughts, wiring, and radio waves.

The area ionization provided by salt lamp technology is an additional serendipity.

One lamp with Quantum Harmonic BioSupport Technology can do multiple rooms up to 12' in all directions. A single unit will do a lower floor and an upper floor simultaneously, covering as much of your home or office as possible.

The economy realized with the new BioEnergy technology combined with the salt lamps makes this essential protection available for every home.

The video below discusses the older, larger Quantum Harmonic Salt Lamp. While the size has changed, the functionality and what it does has not.

Each piece is slightly different but the averages is:

5" Diam 7" Tall
Weighs 4 to 6lbs.


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